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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 05:28
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Hello Everyone!

I am making my first techno-wizard in Rifts system and he is a bit odd so I am having trouble thinking of his personal weapon and how to build it. I would like to draw on the thoughts/experience of the forums for advice or another way to look at it.

Quick character description: He is a cat sized dragon (just tiny and not shifted) who is enamored with technology. Being that he is full of magic, he mixes the two together to make techno-wizard devices. Right now he has fully equipped his vehicle (a monster truck) with various situational spells and built two robot helpers for his workshop.

What I lack is a personal weapon. Being a dragon who is cat sized a gun doesn't seem right. I have a pen sized welding torch I was thinking of modifying but that would basically make it a wand, which still seems weird. My group suggested a helmet that can do some neat offensive spells.

He can pretty much make or modify almost anything mechanical.  What do you guys think?

I thank you in advance for your ideas and suggestions!
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 06:24
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
What would Tony Stark be like as a cat-sized dragon?
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 The Doctor.
Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 10:32
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Helmet mounted chainsaw with teeth of magical energy.
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 11:03
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Mini rocket launchers strapped to his wing-tips?
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
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What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
I saw a pick of a cat with a harness that held a gun on it's back, done in steampunk style. I could see that on a dragon, heck, make it so the weapons shrink when not in use and give the illusion of retractable cannons.
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 15:10
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Think Boba Fett or Iron Man. Even Predator:

Retractable Hook
Flamethrower or Icethrower? (Boba Fett)
Repulsors (Iron Man)
Shoulder-Mounted Gun (Predator)
Disk Launcher (Predator)
*Maybe rig it to be self-detonating or some sort of
Wrist Laser (Boba Fett)
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 16:57
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
i don't see a dragon walking around on his hind legs all the time. So, a backpack/harness mounted tool set seems the way to go. you could have multiple "arms" mounted on said harness, as suggested above. maybe combine various different ideas. you could include a plasma cannon, like predator's shoulder cannon. add on a MDC chainsaw, for those close encounters and intimidation factor (a cat-sized anything with a chainsaw as big as it is will be intimidating when shoving said chainsaw in your face). maybe even an actual hand or two for fine manipulation. auto-turrets would be a nice touch. you could add an optical enhancer of some sort that deploys up over your eyes when you want it to like the star wars x-wing pilots use to target the death star exhaust port. Oh, you could include a TK version of a tractor beam, too, and a holo-projector for a decoy.
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
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What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Another idea:
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
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What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Several questions jump to mind before an answer can really be given.   What level is the character, and what resources does said character have?  Is your hatchling days out of the egg or years out of the egg?  Also, unless dragons have changed: does the character actually need to be in dragon form to use it or can said character transform into a bipedal form for use (and therefore needs to be more concerned about carrying it)?

Though it's been a decade or so since I've played a hatchling, the easiest approach that I've found is to use the same equipment as everyone else (perhaps modified for easier use) and rely on magic as a fallback.   Remember that most magic has a severely limited range (usually in the 100 foot range if memory serves), while even an ordinary MDC laser pistol can be more "useful" in combat.

Edit: Two additional thoughts occurred.   At size tiny, a hatchling can easily be carried by someone else and/or ride in a cockpit.   Also, if you really intend to be magic heavy, you should consider a PPE battery; as you can never really have enough ammunition.

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Fri 1 Nov 2019
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What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Get real, a cat sized dragon needs to make a statement. Or overcompensate a his micro peepee. Either way, what he needs is what every redneck needs for his monster truck; a really cool sawed off shotgun.

You know through in power bolt to power it up, have one barrel fire a fireblast and the other fire a 'shot' that is a circle of fire. Now, he's a fire breather and lugs around a cool gat. Just make it appropriately sized. Include a PPE store if you can. Make it out of dinosaur bones and steeltree wood from the dinosaur swapms. Hell, add on a raptor's claw as a folding boyonet/close combat weapon.

don't forget to make it impervious to fire btw. Some GMs are really nit picky in Rifts.
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Sat 2 Nov 2019
at 02:47
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
In reply to soulsight (msg # 2):

This is a great way to rephrase the question. His programming level isn't good enough to make AI yet. But almost everything else is possible.

In reply to Rez (msg # 6):

I do think the image of the shoulder cannon could work. Especially as Karack points out (in msg # 7): I also do not see him walking around on two feet. Mix and matching to get a complete picture is my goal.

In reply to Hunter (msg # 9):

He has the resourses to make what he wants as his monster truck is more like a workshop on big-wheels. He is level 5 and is not a typical dragon. He cannot shapshift. I will definantly look into the PPE battery, I think I can make them.

In response to JAM2019 (msg # 10):

His appendages were not a concern for the vehicle, I assure you. However having a fully functional mobile auto/mech/robot/cyborg repair and fabrication shop that is geeked out with spells and powered by magic is pretty awesome.

I like the suit idea but instead made it an exo-skeleton harness so it just traces his spine, arms, and legs. This has spells specific to body protection and enhancement. A Jordy visor for reading and perception spells.

I will probably build the shoulder cannon or put a wrist blaster on. Finally his personality will be influenced, a little, by Stark now because that is kind of what he do. He also enjoys drinking and gambling.

Thanks for the feedback and If anyone else has things to add I am happy to hear it! I always will be working on more projects.
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Mon 4 Nov 2019
at 14:42
What techno-magic weapons would a tiny dragon use?
Perhaps some sort of lightsaber type?