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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 20:33
What did Santa bring....
I got :

The alien RPG

The world of Lazarus setting book for AGE

The savage worlds essential box set to go with my rule book

My wife and daughter are the best....but naughty for spending so much on me :)
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Wed 25 Dec 2019
at 23:59
What did Santa bring....
Someone left my presents outside my appartment door, with no note telling me who they were from.
Hershey coffee mug with 2 chocolate covered pretzles, a box with santa on it, with pretzle wafers covered in white chocolate (looked home-made to), box of high end hot coco mix and a peppermint stick.
Otherwise I got a nice shirt from a neighbor lady and a friend gave me a Medieval Goblet - Dragon Motif (Decoration kind) and one of those mini skillets with a single serving cookie mix on it. (Nestle)
Much better than last year (last year I got an orange and a shirt).
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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 01:42
What did Santa bring....
We don't really do presents for adults anymore, unless someone happens across something that just *fits* another person. I got my sister a book on human history and a calendar with a different insult from Shakespeare every day; she got me a ceramic bowl with astronaut cats inside, and we all collaborated to get our parents a new wifi setup. The kid made out like a bandit, though, and the Hanukah presents are still waiting.
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Fri 27 Dec 2019
at 23:28
What did Santa bring....
I received a cute pair of amethyst earrings and a velvet choker. Best of all, I had a much-needed break from work and dinner with family. The praise for my cheesecake was nice, too.
Isida KepTukari
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Sat 28 Dec 2019
at 00:34
What did Santa bring....
Many, many things!

Pathfinder Bestiary 5 & 6, which I wanted to completed my collection of Things To Torment My Players With.

The Stormlight Archive series.

A couple of books about magical cat detectives, by Sofie Kelly (which I've never read, but I like cats and magic, so why not?)

Some earrings and a bracelet charm.

Candy, several kinds!

Wooden bookmark.

The Strange Planet book by Nathan Pyle.

The unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.

An old book on Victorian Ice Desserts, which will probably be more amusing than practical to read, but I have a small collection of historical recipes.  :)

A pillow that is supposed to keep my head cool (very much needed).

A bluetooth speaker to connect with my phone, which will solve some long-distance gaming technical issues (despite several efforts to allow it, my camera on my laptop won't transmit my picture, and sound randomly will go out on either end despite me never revoking permission for my microphone).

Homemade Jam (raspberry, mixed berry, and mango).

A commissioned watercolor of a cartoony cacti-pus (an octopus with a cactus skin; it's so stinking cute!)

A glass cutting board with a lobster on it (I collect things that looks like crustaceans).

Metal drinking straws.

The Trogdor board game.

The Cat Lady board game.

Disney's Robin Hood (the 70s cartoon version)

I also got to catch up with my sister and her boyfriend, and spend time with all the family together, so that was lovely.  :)