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Trial by combat OnePageRPG
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this is Duel set of rules Trial by Combat , its set in the knights era where combat was the norm. there meant to be suspencefull and take a while to conclude. If you win a duel you gain an whatever armor and weapons the fallen has left and then face the next challenger

you start with a one handed weapons and two armor D6 , or a heavy weapon and one armor D6. you can place the armor D6s with your body part D6s

you have six body D6s, Each part of the body has a colored D6 associated with it(or you can place them on a sheet with zones), more D6s for armor etc... may also be associated with the body part if you have it(you may have more than one armor D6). at the begining of each combat round all these D6s are rolled, the results are the numbers needed to hit that body part or armor.

a combat round is an attack on another charactor,Your target is what you can see or reach. Your body D6s must! allow you to do an attack(EG a one armed or one legged man cannot swing a two handed heavy weapon) first you roll a D6 to see what part of the body of the enemy you get a chance to attack( heavy weapons roll two D6s), look at the body part reference table to find out your targets(if the dody D6 is already gone roll again). then you roll a D6, if the roll matches the body part colored dice then you hit that body part.

a body part cant be hit if it has armor,you must hit and remove armor D6s first. if you hit a body part then you remove that D6 from the enemy body D6s, if the Head or chest are hit then they are dead.

Body part reference table

Head      = 6
chest     = 5
left arm  = 4
Right arm = 3
left leg  = 2
Right leg = 1

weapons may be light or heavy.
you can add more armor if it makes sence, eg you cant use two helmets,but you can gave chainmail and a helmet or you can have arm armor and a shield.