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Fri 17 Jan 2020
at 00:57
Android Notifier App
Hi all,

I play mostly on mobile, and have a bad habit of forgetting to check my games. So I made an app to set notifications, and it's available in the play store:

It's free and ad-free, and I plan to leave it that way.

It uses your personal Atom feed to check for updates. Note that some of the in-app links will direct you to the responsive version of the site, but if you use the "classic" Atom feed link (using "" instead of "") it'll direct you to the classic site.

Feel free to respond here or send me an rMail with bugs and requests.
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Fri 17 Jan 2020
at 08:47
Android Notifier App
Oh wow! There was another app that the person abandoned development on so this is wonderful. Thank you for doing this!
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 Game Archaeologist
Fri 17 Jan 2020
at 11:34
Android Notifier App
That sounds Very handy!