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Mon 20 Jan 2020
at 21:59
Simple Version of Settlers of Catan for Kids
When I'm not playing Dungeons &  Dragons / Pathfinder I really love the board game Settlers of Catan. My children have seen me play an online version of the game and wanted to play as well. Settlers isn't the simplest game to learn, so I made an easier to learn version for them to play, which can also be printed on an 8.5x11 piece of paper instead of buying the full game!

If my kids wind up loving the game, then I will certainly buy the physical board game, but $50 is a lot to shell out on the off-chance they lose interest. Kids don't do that, right?

You can see more info about how we made a free version of Catan, and you can download the templates I made (for free of course) in order to print your own Catan board at home:

  1. No Robber / Thief
  2. You don't lose half your cards if you have more than 7 when a 7 is rolled
  3. No development / market cards
  4. You build settlements, cities and roads. That's it!

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Wed 5 Feb 2020
at 14:19
Simple Version of Settlers of Catan for Kids
In reply to byzantinex (msg # 1):

Catan JR. is designed for younger players, got my copy from Amazon on sale for under $30
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Wed 5 Feb 2020
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Simple Version of Settlers of Catan for Kids
In reply to jonb (msg # 2):

Mine was free (minus the cost of toner and a piece of paper) haha :D