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Sun 29 Mar 2020
at 22:05
People With Tunnels & Trolls Experience
T&T is generally a pretty flexible game.
There are only really three character types (Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue)

This is also true for "Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures" however these were combined in such a way to make at least 38 Character Playbooks.

Could this also be done with T&T?
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Sun 29 Mar 2020
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People With Tunnels & Trolls Experience
 years ago..i ended up with  all the  T&T  solo games.. never  caught on here for a   face to face game, so i would play them all.

 In the Labyrinth.. old  Metagaming CO's    tactical   hexbaord   RP  game  died, It was one of my favs  as they added 'advanced versions   so you can make   your  charcter  how you will.. Steve Jackson recently  had  a backer thign  goign  and  i   got  all the   refurbishe dstuff  along with some new  stuff..great MAps.. . its the prefect combo of   tactics  and RP..with out worry of  mobement,cause  everythign is Hex based.

 Anyway..  I don't know how much the    New  Ed  of T&T has changed since  the days i played.