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 Momento Mori
Sun 10 May 2020
at 19:33
Free Map Creation Tools
I've spent many hours using various RPG Mapping tools, like MapTools, Roll20, etc. They often take more time to use than I like. While looking around from some free stuff online, I ran into these two:

RPG Map Editor II: It is a free to use, or pay what you want map creation tool that is very easy to use. You can use it in a browser, or download the desktop app.

External Link:

One Page Dungeon: An insanely easy to use map generator. Just hit enter on the site and it will make a new map for you with just enough fluff so as to be inspiring. It also exports to RPG Map Editor II! All of the map options are below the map generator.

External Link:

You might like them, you might not. But they are pretty easy to use and make decent maps in a rapid fashion.


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Mon 11 May 2020
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Free Map Creation Tools
One Page Dungeon is great if you just want a random generated dungeon. Great for gaming on the fly or solo stuff but in general I don't like randomly created dungeons. I think they work better when they are deliberately made with a purpose.

I played around with RPG Map Editor II and I have some thoughts. It is a great tool to create a custom map, but not one to actually use it. Unlike something like MapTool the ability to do things like display HP bars, show movement paths and manipulate large libraries of custom tokens don't seem to be there.

I would use this to make the base map, save it as a .JPG and then plug it into MapTool or Roll20 for actual gameplay.

Thanks for the link though, I will think about this the next time I need a custom map.
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Wed 13 May 2020
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Free Map Creation Tools
Watabou also has a medieval city generator at Different sizes depending upon the parameters you plug in.

There's a variety of other generator type tools at