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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 01:08
RIP Joel Schumaker
My favorite film of his is, and always will be, The Lost Boys.
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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 05:21
RIP Joel Schumaker
I have mixed emotions about the man...he made a lot of brilliant movies, but he also nearly killed the Batman franchise.  Still...I can't argue with his body of work, in its totality, even if I have issues with some of his projects.

He's gonna be missed.
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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 07:01
RIP Joel Schumaker
I loved many of the movies he did. And unlike Facemaker, I actually liked the Batman movies he did to, they were fun. Though of them all Lost Boys was my favorite from his body of work.
Sad to hear he is gone.
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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 10:47
RIP Joel Schumaker
"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach: all the damn vampires!"