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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 17:37
Hello there all! So, I'm sure none of you would recognize me. I used to play on here during my highschool days. I used to draw pretty bad anime art. Well, I figured I'd check in and just quickly say how I'm doing. I'm not sure if anyone will hear this, but my life is going pretty well.

I've almost completed a bachelor's degree in political science, and am moving on to a master's soon. On my off days I have a job in an art gallery that I love. My art has vastly improved, and I've taken up both painting and dice making.

I still play roleplaying games. In fact, I currently am Dungeon Mastering two Dnd 5e games. My players and I aren't the best, but we have fun.

Anyway, I wish everyone the best in life, whatever that might be. If I knew you before, doubly so. All the best.
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 17:51
I remember you, glad to hear you're doing well :)