Owen E Oulton
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 20:01
Thanks to RPoL...
I just want to thank the entire staff and community for giving us a safe way to conduct our gaming hobby during the global pandemic. I'm in a nursing home in Canada and we've been in lockdown for four months as of yesterday. As soon as we went on isolation, I asked my f-t-f gaming group to move our game to here for the duration, and it's working out very well! Thanks to everyone for a safe venue. We really appreciate it!

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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 21:24
Thanks to RPoL...
I was first introduced to RPOL by one of my FTF GMs...I had moved about an hour away, had a career that often had me working the evenings that everyone else had available for gaming, and had, as a result, just about given up on the hobby completely.  He had an idea for a Star Wars game, wanted a 'dream team's lineup of his favorite players, and this was the most viable platform for getting us all together.

The game didn't last...as happens all too often, Real Life interfered as he got a job that ate up his time, then lost it, then got another, then got engaged and married...but it filled a niche for me, and I stayed on and found another game, and another after that one folded, and so on...currently in three games that have been running for years, and grateful for the virtual friendships that have helped me endure some of my more trying times.
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 22:53
Thanks to RPoL...
I've been here for over a decade.  RPoL has saved my sanity more than once. I echo the thanks to all.
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 23:53
Thanks to RPoL...
Except for a two year hiatus, I have been on RpoL since... 2003, I think.  I know since at least 2005.  It has helped me with releasing my creative energies, that are always threatening to spill out into the real world to make.me.seem like a nutcase.  I even come here when I have an IRL gaming group.
Thanks, guys!

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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 03:11
Thanks to RPoL...
Hear! Hear! Been here since Shannara told me about it back in '04. Thanks for all you do!
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 03:18
Thanks to RPoL...
I had   437... Skald  got a pretty  pin point  as to my start date as ... "Before 08:00, Sun 23 Oct 2005".  Old school.  ;>

 above is the copy Skald sent me of my number and Join time, a couple years ago , when  there was questions about it
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 15:05
Thanks to RPoL...
Well I too have been here well over a decade and it has meant so much to me.  I realised that I most likely would not get a book published if I wrote one.  I did not know about creative writing but I found this place.  I learned about Freeform as I never had any connection to DnD or other system games.  So I do creative writing in roleplay and it is just what my doctor prescribed ... literally ... and it has kept me sane too.

I join in thanking Jase and all the rest behind the scenes for keeping this up and running for so many from the past to the future.  I know that some places folk have a reunion or sorts and that is so nice.  I have met some of my long standing players when I go to the states on vacation/holiday and have some to look forward to soon as this Covid is behind us.  But the work behind the scenes is sometimes forgotten or taken for granted by players.  THANK YOU ALL!!! and thank you to the friends I have made on here and will make in the future!
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 15:34
Thanks to RPoL...
i have been in games  for decages..i have seen sites  destroyed by hackers ( EZboards)..others just fall apart.

 i have played in games here that have died,or are in a coma... As LadySharlyne said.. i had  an idea for a book, wayyyyyy back when i read chariots of the Gods... i started to write them, and it never came about.

 after seeing games die..GMs  bail..i thought i would take a shot... start a game, based on what my book  would have been..and turn it into a game..run the way i always  wanted a game run for me...and using my own 'system'

 the results ( with having many, many great players through the years) is  my 'spacegame'..something that never would have happened..if not  for here.
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 20:56
Thanks to RPoL...
My daughter turns 16 next month and I've been here since she started at nursery when she was 8 months old....

Work, a new baby and other RL things meant I had to give up my face to face group.....wouldn't have changed a thing these have been the best 16 years ever but rpol has been part of that to allowing me to continue a hobby I love but allowing me to spend quality time with my wife and watch my daughter grow

So like everyone else here a big thank you for being a place where I can disappear into my own imagination for a few hours a week
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 22:43
Thanks to RPoL...
I'm another who's got over a decade now.  What can I say... my brain spawns personalities, scenes, plots, and scenarios.  I hear about writer's block, but have never really experienced it, and seem to have the opposite problem.  If there wasn't some outlet...well, I bet it wouldn't be pretty!

I've met some wonderfully creative and talented people in my time here. I tend to like people who make me think, feel, or laugh, and I can usually count on finding some among this community.   I'll add my hearty thanks to the admins and site managers who keep it alive and running!
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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 23:53
Thanks to RPoL...
I'll chime in.  I have less time than some but I'm still going on seven years here at RPOL.  It's been a true pleasure and I continue to have an incredible time!

This is the best PBP site and community out there and I've participated in many of them.  I add my sincere thanks to those who keep this place running!
coded steve
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Wed 15 Jul 2020
at 19:34
Thanks to RPoL...
Yes, thanks RPoL for providing a wonderful environment to game in.