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Sun 26 Jul 2020
at 19:48
RIP Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac was one of my mother's early loves, and she instilled that into me. I have been a fan in all Fleetwood Mac's incarnations. RIP Peter Green, your music was a part og my childhood!
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Tue 28 Jul 2020
at 01:28
RIP Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac
My mom was a big FM fan as well, but only the Nicks/Buckingham version.

I knew nothing of Peter Green, till going to a party where they were playing Santana, and someone told me Black Magic Woman was originally done by Fleetwood Mac.  And I was like what?  Had to google it the next day -  and then discovered the talent of Peter Green.

Yes, RIP - another sad story.  He was really thrown off course by bad drugs, it sounds.