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 hi all
Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 02:23
What happened???
Rpol was down over this weekend, or at least most of it.  I am writing this at 630pm my tim on August 23rd, 2020.  some reason the dates of when posting is are posted are reading July whatever. Not complaining just curious as to what happened?  Mods?  Can we get some info?
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 02:33
What happened???
Harware upgrade (CPUs to be precise) on the servers that's gone wrong.
Sir Swindle
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 02:58
What happened???
the server's host "in the process of finishing Ryzen migration which is causing this issue".  That's the last thing I got from them 10 hours ago.

From the discord chat.
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 10:35
What happened???
Hopefully the matter is fixed. At least until next time we get locked out *fingers crossed*
Alex Vriairu
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 12:10
What happened???
In reply to Sir Swindle (msg # 3):

There's a Discord?
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 12:29
What happened???
Here you go :)

Sir Swindle
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 13:54
What happened???
There's also a reddit I think.
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 15:35
What happened???
Discord is very active if you want up-to-date news. The reddit is dead until something goes wrong and then it is just people being redirected to the discord.
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Tue 25 Aug 2020
at 02:38
Re: What happened???
There is also the Facebook group.  Mostly inactive, I only update it when there is serious news (like board outages).  But I'm not opposed to people posting there with RPoL related stuff.