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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 13:53
Would you pay a GM?
Okay, random question that is purely hypothetical, Iím not planning a new business venture...!

Gaming is, for most of us, an amateur hobby. We play for free in our own time as and when we can. As such we often see games start but burn out as the GM simply doesnít have the time to commit to running it effectively. So...

Would you pay for a GM to run a game for you, either F2F, line online (e.g. via Discord) or by PBM?

If yes what expectations would you have? What sort of fees would you expect?
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 14:08
Would you pay a GM?
In reply to Jarodemo (msg # 1):


You might find this thread interesting: link to a message in this forum
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Sun 18 Oct 2020
at 15:09
Would you pay a GM?
I would, especially for games that are very hard to find GMs for like M&M.

I offered once, at some other (undisclosed) site, but unfortunately there were no takers.

As for fees, I suppose that depends. I think if I am going to be paying a person to run, I would want them to get compensated fairly well so they feel they can put the energy and work into a good game. I'd say $20 - $30 a person, so that a GM running a four hour session with four people can turn in a $20 to $30 hour earnings. Better if there's more players, or it just runs for three hours.

I could afford that once a week. I would see it as a "Hey, this is awesome" tip. =)

And if the GM had enough groups to play the same scenario once a week, say three or four, it might turn out be a nice side gig. But I don't think they should quit their day jobs.