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Wed 28 Oct 2020
at 20:22
What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
I'm pretty sure every RPG has it's flaws, but I'd like to find one that is really well-balanced and fun.  Something that would be hard for a rules-lawyer to break, but something that is still empowering to the player and allow them to live out their power fantasies.  I mean I wouldn't want to play a character who just works at a coffee shop and that's it, for example.

Any ideas for a contemporary or futuristic game that fits this description?
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Wed 28 Oct 2020
at 20:42
What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
If well-balanced is the goal, my suggestion would be Fate.  I prefer Fate Core (or perhaps Fate Condensed although I've never tried it).  Personally, I never really got on board with Fate Accelerated (the tendency for approach spamming left me with a bad taste in my mouth).

Fate is an elegant little system that can be used with any sort of tale.  The default system works incredibly well on its own with no tweaks, but for the folks that have an urge ... there are tons of dials to twist if they are looking for something with a bit more heft/crunch/structure to it (supers, magic systems, etc).

As a narrative game, it does take a fair bit of getting used to if one is coming over from a more structured, physics-replicator type of tactical game, but the jump is worth the effort in my opinion.

I guess what I mean by that is if one plays a Fate game and expects it t be D&D ... they will walk away disappointed.

The SRD (for each of the versions) is online and incredibly easy to sift through, and the core book is very affordable as well (the developers suggest $5 but the 'pay what you like' option includes down to and including free if you prefer).
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Thu 29 Oct 2020
at 00:17
What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
Earthdawn is an amazing system.  It is a little complicated when you start out but the 4e ruleset is fantastic once you get used to it.
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Fri 30 Oct 2020
at 20:35
What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
For mechanical balance, honestly it was D&D 4e. They put every ounce of design into combat mechanics and while the game is practically unplayable from an RPG perspective from a tactical simulator it's probably one of the best, math-wise.

For a more inclusive game I am really appreciating the overall game design of Pathfinder 2e. They were able to stand on both original Pathfinder and D&D 5e and they did so beautifully.

It has crunch, it has a lot of elegant and streamlined design principles but levels actually matter. In D&D 5e I have routinely seen parties take on monsters twice their level. A group of 5 Level 7 characters playing smart beating down a level 15 encounter with only moderate challenge. In Pathfinder because so many bonuses are keyed off of your level being a higher level means a lot both in terms of added abilities and HP but also all your bonuses are just a little better.

FFG's star wars has some definite mechanical flaws but the dice system is such that it doesn't really matter. Good characters can fail easy rolls, and longshots aren't quite as longshot as one would think. The dice also help tell a tale by encouraging conditional wins (i.e. victory at cost or failure with gains).

Overall though I would say Pathfinder 2nd Edition has the most precise game design I have ever seen. Everything is tagged, indexed and the wording is incredibly precise. So far there has been absolutely nothing I have encountered that requires a supplemntary FAQ or searching through the game design forums to answer.
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Fri 30 Oct 2020
at 23:53
What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
Great!  Any contemporary or futuristic games you could recommend?  How about Starfinder?  Is that any good?
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 06:39
Re: What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
For mechanical balance, honestly it was D&D 4e.

And continues to be. And when I don't have to think as much, as a player or GM about the mechanics working as advertised, it much easier for me to focus on richer roleplaying.
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 08:26
Re: What do you think is the most balanced and fun TT RPG?
The most fun RPGs in my opinion are Paranoia and Gamma World, but they aren't the most balanced.
For the best balance probably I'd look into a d6 system. I like the 2d6 mechanics: simple and reasonably realistic, with a performance progression that is not linear, when you opposed or unopposed tests.