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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 12:59
RIP Sir Sean Connery
I have loved and admired this man and actor for years.  He reached a golden year of age 90.  A quick anecdote about the man is that the first time he was called before the Queen to be knighted and he showed up in a kilt.  The powers that be sent him away to get a suit.  A few years later he was called again and again wore the clan kilt and this time the queen heard and she granted him her presence and knighted him wearing the kilt.  True or False I do not know but know this.  The man was Scotland personified.  He was more than a great actor, the great 'Bond', but he did a lot for others.  Rest in peace Sir Sean Connery you are sorely missed.

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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 13:12
RIP Sir Sean Connery
News report stated he died in his sleep and had been unwell for some time.
I am saddened to hear of his passing but feel we were blessed by his movies and to witnessing his character away from the screen as well.
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 13:28
RIP Sir Sean Connery
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 13:48
RIP Sir Sean Connery
as i grow older, icons of my life passign sort of  shine the light on 'how much time i have left"...

 My Late wife  and I always   watched Darby O'gill and the little people for  St Pats  day ( no..i'm not irish )

 He was, and always will be , James bond... Craig is good, but  Sean Connery will always be Bond.
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 14:58
RIP Sir Sean Connery
Ooof. This one hurts. So many of my favorite films had him front and center.
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 15:27
RIP Sir Sean Connery
He was one of the few actors about whom I've said, "I don't necessarily like all his films...but I always like his roles."  Another friend of mine commented, after seeing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in the theater, that there are very few actors who get applause in a movie for a cameo role.  He did.

He stepped away from acting years ago...but I've never stopped enjoying his films.
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 16:47
RIP Sir Sean Connery
All the greats go so young.
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Sun 1 Nov 2020
at 00:02
RIP Sir Sean Connery
Loved him in Highlander and the Untouchables, as well as the Presidio and Hunt for Red well as so many others. Loss of a legend.
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Sun 1 Nov 2020
at 17:13
RIP Sir Sean Connery
In reply to phoenix9lives (msg # 7):

90 is considered "so young" now?
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Mon 2 Nov 2020
at 18:02
RIP Sir Sean Connery
He was an icon of film, no doubt. Like many of the greats, I never saw him play anyone but himself, but it was always worth watching.

While I grew up with him as my Bond, I think my favorite is probably Robin and Marion, such a wonderful piece of tongue in cheek comedy.

Sad, we lost Emma Peel, Diana Riggs, not that long ago too...