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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 18:08
RIP Alex Trebek
The consummate game show host.  He will be missed.
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 19:09
RIP Alex Trebek
It's a sad day, the end of an era. I can celebrate that at least some of my children had the joy of sitting around the dinner table listening to him every night, but lament that some of them will never get the experience. Whoever steps into his role (I strongly expect Ken Jennings) will have huge shoes to fill.
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 19:11
RIP Alex Trebek
I'll take "More Reasons Why 2020 Sucks" for $200, Alex...

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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 19:12
RIP Alex Trebek
Jeopardy will never be the same.
They say he died from Pancratic Cancer. He was 80 years old to. He really did not look his age.
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 19:26
RIP Alex Trebek
He announced his cancer diagnosis quite a while ago, so this didn't actually come as much of a surprise.  He had the rare gift of sounding extremely intelligent without appearing condescending or pedantic, and always seemed to be genuinely interested in the person with whom he was conversing, whether it was a contestant or someone interviewing him.  I haven't watched Jeopardy in years, but I feel like the world's a little less bright with the loss of the light of his presence in our society.
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 21:18
RIP Alex Trebek

An absolute icon.
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Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 00:01
RIP Alex Trebek
He comes from a dying breed in Hollywood of having both brains and class.
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Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 04:50
RIP Alex Trebek
How do you think the person who replaces him MCs Jeopardy next will feel the first game?
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Mon 9 Nov 2020
at 05:34
RIP Alex Trebek
I'll take "More Reasons Why 2020 Sucks" for $200, Alex...

*sad chuckle*

The next host will probably feel really nervous.
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Tue 10 Nov 2020
at 20:35
RIP Alex Trebek
I'll just leave this here: