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Tue 22 Dec 2020
at 07:57
Holiday Blues
In one of my games the topic of holiday blues came up, and it occurred to me that many people struggle at this time of year, possibly even more so in current troubled times.

As most games include an OOC thread I thought it might be worth emphasising that these are great for just talking about stuff. Donít worry too much about creative IC posts, just talk about anything and nothing OOC. Deep and meaningful, or just idle small talk. It doesnít matter if itís one line or a few paragraphs.

As a community we need to look after each other, and mental health is so important, especially right now.
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Tue 22 Dec 2020
at 13:32
Holiday Blues
 You have the right of it. OOC can be  a strong glue  for your games. People struggle in live, bad thigns happen across the range, Money, sickness, passing of loved ones.

 Our OOC  thread has  people who get to vent, Share good and bad, and funny news, maybe  things  we think others  will be interested  in. Its as  close to  'front to front" as we can get in here, as players  banter  about  the  days, interests  and troubles.

As Jarodemo says?... these times  right now, may be the worse   since i have been here, and i have been here a while.  Just being able to vent? ask advice  and share, can mean alot.