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Sun 27 Dec 2020
at 03:29
Boxing Day
Since we have representatives of many nations and cultures in this community, I want to get your take on Boxing Day December 26.

Is it a thing for you? What are it's origins and what does its name mean?

I have long been crious, so please enlighten me.

And I hope your Boxing Day was a knockout.
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Sun 27 Dec 2020
at 04:18
Boxing Day
I believe it originates from being the day the rich boxed up presents for the poor, masters gave servants gifts and house staff got the day off work to go home to family to give them gifts

Basically it was the staffs equivalent of Christmas day..... After all if you were rich you'd want your staff working on the 25th wouldn't you :)

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Sun 27 Dec 2020
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Boxing Day a letter Cartrier  in the US..I  found out that  In Canada Boxign day, is wehn   folks  gave things to thier Carriers  and other  such  folkd who  did  some kind of service... In england  it was  for the household staff