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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 03:23
RIP Dawn Wells
Mary Ann of Gilligans island died yesterday (Dec 30, 2020) from Covid.
I will remember her fondly as Mary Ann.
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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 04:02
RIP Dawn Wells
she was my fav on a show that  i really didn't like.
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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 04:26
RIP Dawn Wells
She was, really, the most 'approachable' character.  Not everyone knew millionaires, or scientists, or movie stars, or sea captains...

But everyone knew someone like Mary Ann.

Sorry to hear she's gone.
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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 10:01
RIP Dawn Wells
I was going to post RIP for her. Glad you did. Maybe this ages me, but this was a favorite show of mine as a kid in the 70s, and she was a favorite character.
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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 17:45
RIP Dawn Wells
So sorry to hear of her death.  I admired her and she was truly the most relatable, most natural person.  A brilliant actress may she rest in peace.
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Tue 5 Jan 2021
at 16:16
RIP Dawn Wells
I followed her page on FaceBook, and it was a joy. The world is a darker place for her loss. I had such a crush on her character on Gilligan's Island, and the more I learned about what kind of person she was, the more I realized that she was very much like Mary Ann.