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 hi all
Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 18:06
RIP Hank Aaron
Sorry, I'm old enough to remember him breaking Babe Ruths 714 record.  Not a big sports fan, but I remember watching him sad to see him pas after 45 some odd years after that.  R.I.P. big guy.
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Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 00:01
RIP Hank Aaron
Not a huge fan of baseball but I grew up during his era. Its sad to hear of one of the greats in any field dying.
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Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 00:50
RIP Hank Aaron
My favorite all-time player and one of the classiest, most humble people to ever grace the planet. Grew up a Braves fan and was appalled and ready to drive to the ATL and hurt anyone who wanted to hurt him the year he broke Babe Ruth's record, even though I was just a little kid. Until the recent election, that display of racist ignorance in 1974 was the most ashamed I had ever been of my native state. Rest in peace, Henry Aaron.