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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 18:53
RIP Mira Furlan
Was saddened to read today about the death of Mira Furlan, aged 65.  Apparently she had been suffering ill health for some months.

While she was in Lost for a while, I will always remember her best for the role of Ambassador Delenn in Babylon 5.;
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 19:03
RIP Mira Furlan
According to the release she died of complications from West Nile. That is unfortunate as she was fairly young to have passed away. Then again my high school principle died of West Nile and he was in his 60s as well. What a shame. She has a permanent place in the halls of nerdom, that's for sure.
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 19:40
RIP Mira Furlan
there is a guy on You Tube, he started his own 'movie ' company with his   wife ( Mr Sci-fi)...

 he wrote  for star trek and a few other things, and  made  a Movie with some   heavy hitters as well as new talent, they made a very good 'Covid' movie  that the actors  did from thier own homes/ and home  studios.

 Mira  was one of the main characters.. I watched the Pilot and the Covid  thing, as well as some 'round table' and   some face to face  talks she had   with Mr Sci-Fi and  his wife.

 Its sad to see her pass, as Babylon 5 was one of my favs shows  and her character  was fun to watch.

 the   You tuble  thing is  'Space Command'  its a bit slow moving, but its still a decent piece of work
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 19:56
RIP Mira Furlan

She was such a great character in Babylon 5. I shall remember Ambassador Delenn with fondness.
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 23:00
RIP Mira Furlan
my favorite, I loved her so much on Babylon Five. She will be missed.
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Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 01:37
RIP Mira Furlan
Babylon 5 proved that it was possible to plan out and execute a story in a television series spanning multiple years and Mira Furlan helped make it incredible to watch.

Of all the lines I immediately think of when I remember watching Babylon 5, her's is first and foremost.  I kid you not, we were gathered with friends watching Severed Dreams, and everyone in the room erupted when she was finished.
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Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 01:57
RIP Mira Furlan
yep DC..that was great... they had a  free channel here on my cable that ran two  Babylon 5  episodes every night..i managed to see all the way through this time!
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Mon 25 Jan 2021
at 02:41
RIP Mira Furlan
Never watched Babylon 5 but I loved her performance in Lost
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Wed 27 Jan 2021
at 17:50
RIP Mira Furlan
She will always be the one who will be.