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Tue 2 Feb 2021
at 00:13
RIP Dustin Diamond
Today we lost an actor who I first saw when i was a teen myself. Where would zZack Morris have been ithout his best bud samuel "Screech" powers. You made me laugh and I thank you. Farewell Dustin
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Tue 2 Feb 2021
at 00:15
RIP Dustin Diamond
I was already an adult when this show came out, but my kids loved it. He seemed to really inject it with humor and will be missed by many.
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Tue 2 Feb 2021
at 00:20
RIP Dustin Diamond
Seems like he lived a sad life, always felt bad for him. Hopefully he is happier wherever he is now.
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Tue 2 Feb 2021
at 10:12
RIP Dustin Diamond
My daughter loved Saved By the Bell and he was her fav.  In her early adult years she got to meet him in person as he was a standup comedian and she still remembers that to this day. He was a great actor and she said he was a very friendly person.  He will be missed.  At least Saved by the Bell was a show you could allow your kids to watch.