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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 07:45
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
Captan Sir Tom Moore passed away yesterday, ironically after becoming infected with COVID-19. He was 100 years old, though.

For those of you who don't know, he was the guy who decided to single handedly raise millions for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic, which started by walking 100 laps of the 25 meter loop of his garden with the aid of his zimmerframe.

He finally raised over 32 million pounds.
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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 07:58
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
A shining example of why they are often called "the greatest generation".  Every excuse in the world to sit back...and he decided to have a go at solving those parts of the problem he could.
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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 07:59
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
In reply to Starchaser (msg # 1):

It was really lovely when the Queen knighted him. A heck of a man.
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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 08:34
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
This guy was awesome. My wife and I were both talking about how sad we were at his death.
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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 11:26
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
He and his family started a go fund me to raise money to help the doctors for the corona virus. Their goal was only 1000 pounds - they reached over 32 million before he died.
From a bbc report I saw, he also had a song and was knighted by the queen only this last year for his efforts in raising money to help the NHS and the doctors who were on the front line of the virus.
As one of the news reporters said, he was the right man at the right time for these events and his last year of life proved to be one of the best for him I believe.
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Wed 3 Feb 2021
at 12:16
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
He was a special kind of man, what he did for the people working the front lines when Covid was/is at its worse here in the UK was remarkable.  God Bless and Keep you Col/Cpt Sir Tom Moore you are truly missed. xx
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Thu 4 Feb 2021
at 05:38
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
Wow.  Very impressive.  Irony is a common thing in Life and Death.  It is a shame he has passed.
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Thu 4 Feb 2021
at 14:28
RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore
Wow, sounds like a heck of a guy.