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Mon 8 Feb 2021
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new rpg mechanic
Well I will try and explain my RPG mechanic

this is a non leathal rpg, no one dies due to combat. treasure are d4s d6s d10s added to a players dice pool. the more treasure you get the more action points can be used, the game is about amasing dice to overwelm enimies with the ability to do more tasks and gain more treasure dice.

first of there are no stats, instead you get a number of dice that modify your total action points. a player can have d4s d6s d10s , each player gets his/her choice of dice to a maximum of 40, eg 4d10s or 6d6s or 10d4s without exceeding the maximum 40.

every time its your turn you roll for action points by rolling two d10s or a d100 , then roll all your dice and add them to your action points.

then you can spend your action points to do tasks like move or combat or increase initiative.

at the start of a turn you roll two d10s or a d100 , you can add any of your dice to the roll, NPCs dont add dice. once one of your dice is rolled its taken out of play untill the next turn.

who ever has the initiative begins his/her turn, then play passes to the next player in initative order.

in a turn you can spend your action points to do tasks like move or combat, all tasks are resoved the same way by rolling two d10s or a d100 , you can add any of your dice and deduct them from the rolled value. if you have equal or more action points you succeed in the task, if you have less action points all your points are lost and you fail the task. if after you succeed a task you have more action points you can continue .

combat is a task with enough action points you will win the combat, if you win the combat you take a quarter your emimies action points. then you continue your turn.

completing an objective is how you gain treasure dice, an objective can be anything eg being the last player in the turn, or winning a combat with a monster, or winning a combat with all players, or taming animnals , anything can be an objective, you write the objectives down before the game starts in a list, ranging from easy d4 challenges to 4d10s kill the dragon etc...
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Mon 8 Feb 2021
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new rpg mechanic
Are rolls made openly, so players know the NPC roll total they need to beat?