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Sun 18 Apr 2021
at 14:31
The Dark Ages and Beyond
This article may be of interest to anyone running a pre-industrial game.
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Sun 18 Apr 2021
at 15:15
The Dark Ages and Beyond
I thank you for this as it is interesting, I run a Dark Isle freeform set in the Dark Age of Scotland.  This also helps with my Camelot game.  This is very thoughtful of you and thank you for the insight it is always appreciated at least by me.

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Sun 18 Apr 2021
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The Dark Ages and Beyond
Very interesting.
I don't see as many games as I would expect set after the fall of an empire.
The recovery from a large war or plague is also rare.
Usually, the setting seems to be several generations later.
Frozen Fajita
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Sat 1 May 2021
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The Dark Ages and Beyond
In reply to GreenTongue (msg # 3):

I love falls.

One game I played with friends was in the final falling days of the Aztec Empire, had a whole collapse-of-society vibe as the Conquistadors and their allies took control and we fled with our families to what turned out to be an ancient alien starship.

The space adventures were fun, but that first campaign arc amid the collapse was the part that really stuck with me.