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Wed 15 Dec 2021
at 03:36
Best way to incorporate a VTT?
Hey all. Been looking around, slowly getting ready to run the game I joined to run here (Strixhaven) and I'm just curious. I do generally highly prefer a very tactical game; I use maps basically always. For online I usually use Roll20 for this reason, and I'm curious if anyone has any advice on how best to use a VTT or similar type in the PbP format.

Any tips or advice would be very welcome!

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Wed 15 Dec 2021
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Best way to incorporate a VTT?
I've seen it done two ways.

The GM uses the VTT to generate and keep maps up to date that are then posted on RPoL via the game map section or just in the thread.

The other method is, assuming the VTT is something relatively easily accessible such as Roll20, having everyone move their tokens and/or reference the map via the VTT while posting actual moves and making the rolls on RpoL.

The first method is a bit more consistent because only one person is updating the map, so all actions get recorded.  The second is less work on the GM.  Which works best is entirely going to be dependent on your players.  However if you are going to require participation in an off RPoL website do be sure to make players aware as part of the RTJ process.  Not everybody can or is willing to put in that bit of extra effort.

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Wed 15 Dec 2021
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Best way to incorporate a VTT?
For easy maps/VTT access, I used Owlbear Rodeo for a combat in a game.  Worked well.  It's free, built for 5th edition and is fairly versatile.  I just posted a link in the thread at the start of combat.  Conversely, the map section of the game could work.  Take a screen shot and utilize that, post it in maps (or just as an image in the combat thread).

The drawback is two-fold:

First, anyone can move any icon.  While this isn't a HUGE deal, sometimes players move things on accident.  This could be alleviated by taking the 'snapshot' option, as listed above.

Second is the fact that for the duration of the fight, the 'host' (GM, usually) would need to keep the map open on their browser.  Now, there are two things that can alleviate this - first being the snapshot posting.  Second is the website 'remembers' the map, and the location of all tokens, based on your browser's cookies.  For example in my weekly table top, I can set up the map, close my lap top - show up at game and send everyone the link when combat starts.  If we need to pick up the following week, even if I've closed my browser out, as long as I've got the same laptop, it has everything stored.

There ARE plenty of easier methods (Roll20, as mentioned, just to name one).  However, you may have issues with players being able/willing to set up accounts on the associated site or download/install/config any downloaded program.

Owlbear, and a few others, just require logging into a website.  No login required - unless you set up a password for the game.
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Thu 16 Dec 2021
at 20:15
Best way to incorporate a VTT?
I've used links to images of Tabletop Simulator tables on a 3rd Party site.
It can really "tell a thousand words" when you quickly want to set a scene.
Doing that I can build and then pick the angle to give just the right image.