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Thu 30 Dec 2021
at 19:43
How do you search for hard to define things?
Search says, "We have 5,607 games" and yet...

How do you search for those things you can't put your finger on?
"Games and characters you enjoy and/or can play well."
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Thu 30 Dec 2021
at 20:04
How do you search for hard to define things?
I search for game systems I either enjoy or want to try.  The rest of the questions can only be answered with time in the game.
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Thu 30 Dec 2021
at 20:27
How do you search for hard to define things?
Few of the PbtA and/or BitD rule systems are listed so using the search in the normal way is not going to work.

"I'll know it when I see it" only goes so far when it's just a proposal.
I'd like to lurk a few games, with different rule systems, to get a feel of how they play in this format.

Pacing is something especially hard to search for.
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 04:58
How do you search for hard to define things?
If the PbtA and/or BitD rule systems aren't listed, then it may be because nobody has asked for them to be added and/or nobody is running those games.  It's up to the GM to specify the system, but it's optional.

And I quite agree, pacing is definitely one of the things I want to know about when searching for a new game.

We've had discussions in the past, over in RPoL Development, trying to nail down a definition for pacing for possible inclusion in game info (which would then be searchable).

Fast/slow scale was a no starter as people's perceptions varied markedly (one player might consider one post a day as slow while another player considered it fast) but we were getting somewhere with a scale based on expected post rate - ie the GM could specify a sliding scale ranging from multiple posts/day, 1 per day, 3-4/week, 2-3/week, 1/week or less frequently, and players could interpret that as fast/slow as they wished ...

But development of the responsive site took priority and the existing feature set got locked down until that was/is working correctly.  Maybe one day.  :>

Till then, your best bet would be to search for either systems or genres (eg Horror, Sci-fi) you might be interested in, then check out the Notices section for games - I've noticed that GMs for faster paced games tend up put up notices (often flagged as House Rules, Expectations or similar) in which they say what posting rate they want.

NB: many games run group 0 threads which are public, so you may not necessarily even have to apply formally to become a Lurker in a game, you can just view the visible threads.   :>
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 06:04
How do you search for hard to define things?
If your looking for a proposal you can look in the IC forum or the wanted players. Most people running games have already gotten their plot worked out and going.

Pbta has many games attached to it. Sometimes it's easier I find to try searching for the game name itself. Of that doesn't work it's just not out there.

 You can always post a wanted ad with the various systems you'd like to try see if a GM bites.
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 07:50
How do you search for hard to define things?
BitD is definitely in the list, under its full name - Blades in the Dark.

PbtA was there too, under the names of some of its variants (Apocalypse World and Dungeon World for example, plus others).  I also just added it as PbtA.

Worth noting that the list is not complete (systems are added as people request them), and GMs have the option to type in a system name of their own (which can be searched for).