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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 02:58
RIP John Madden
This one really hit when I heard about it. When it comes to Football, one name really comes to mind. In my mind he is definitely the greatest coach the Raiders ever had if not one of the greatest period.

Also a talented commentator. To me the best broadcast duo was Madden and Pat Summerall. The two had a chemistry that made watching  a game more than just visual but also an audio experience. And of course there is the legendary Madden football video games.

To you John, RIP. You were a joy to watch.
Prince of Boredom
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Wed 5 Jan 2022
at 18:35
RIP John Madden
I completely agree. I'm 47, so I remember him most as a commentator, and as you said, Madden and Summerall is my #1 all-time commentator duo. And as a Cowboys fan, I got to see/hear almost every weekend during the 90s which was great.