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Sun 20 Mar 2022
at 03:44
Unknown game of Vs the Keep?
A while ago... with the last several years, I dunno, my memory's not that great, there was a game I unofficially lurked in that had a very interesting premise and I'm wondering if anyone here knows if the game still exists or if the setting was homebrew or something published.

The idea was that the Big Bad had holed himself up in a massive keep which had been under siege for a long time, so long in fact that there had grown up a city around the keep to support the efforts of the now defunct siege as efforts had instead turned to breaching the keep for fame and fortune. The master of the Keep had not been heard from in a long time and resistance to the siege had petered out. Only the massive defenses of the nearly impregnable fortress kept would-be looters busy trying to get in. Once in a while some group or another would make a bit of progress. The party was formed to try yet another effort to breach the walls, ascend the keep and see if the Big Bad was still alive or whatever.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?