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Fri 8 Apr 2022
at 04:38
How do you keep a game from becoming a chore?
Hey community,

What's best practice here, to keep a game from getting bogged down?

"Lite" systems and approaches exist. I've read up on those from previous forum posts.

But what about, when the Lore and the Context of the game become overwhelming to manage?

In particular,

3 players and 1 gm, in an open world, player-led game.

When each player goes deep into their respective rabbit holes to build their character, or their backstory, they will invent characters, factions, environments maybe... And I think that energy is great!

But I struggle to keep ALL OF IT in mind, and feel like I need to keep on top of SO much information, and relationships, that in the end the spirit I started the game with, falls victim to the sense of choredom, keeping notes in a wiki-like tool...

Am I asking a question that has no answer? hahah that's okay too.
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Fri 8 Apr 2022
at 04:45
How do you keep a game from becoming a chore?
It depends what you're asking. If you're determined to do things a certain way, even if that way is difficult, there might not be much anyone can offer. If you feel it's necessary to create lore, to be the sole propriety of that lore, to give the players complete freedom, to not require the players to work within constraints, etc. then you are making a lot of work for yourself.

If you want to have a fun experience that doesn't literally do all of those things but is still fun, then there's lots of room for advice. Just remember that not everything you might be trying to do is necessary or even all that helpful, despite what others might claim.