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Sun 16 Oct 2022
at 22:34
AI Generated Character Art
I have been playing around with AI art generators. I think I have a good handle on creating decent characters so if anyone wants I can try and make custom character art for you for your game. If interested just rMail me the details. The more descriptive the better but also understand that AI art generation is very hit or miss. I often have to generate hundreds of images to get a couple of keepers.

BUUUUUT i can have it running while I am asleep or at work so its not a huge effort and it helps me practice tweaking settings.

Anyway what I need in the mailer is:
1) Text description. The more descriptive the better. Also consider the background, the art style, the lighting etc. Feel free to  offer thoughts on poses or body types or hair styles or whatever really. Just understand that some or none of it might directly get into the final image. Poses especially can be difficult, hands are notoriously problematic (the AI doesn't really know how many fingers go on a hand and often kinda wings it) and, as expected, nothing NSFW or naughty or lewd.

2) Let me know if I can post it here in general or not. i know everyone would love to see what comes out but i get some of these can be personal. I would love to be able to showcase it and illustrate how I can go from the text prompts into the final product but it's not a requirement. By default I'll post the details here but if you want it kept private just make sure to let me know.

3) Understand that sometimes it doesn't have the training material to do a specific thing. I have found that certain poses or combinations just don't work out. It is trained on hundreds of millions of art but it is lacking in many ways. I tried to do this for a Star Trek game for example and it just doesn't really get star fleet uniforms and I spent all day trying to do a proper klingon forehead but it just won't stop turning that forehead ridge into a headband or tiara.

4) Also understand high quality art is a tremendous effort. The stuff you might see online for AI art is often a combination of multiple generation processes and clean up stages. It is still a lot faster than human artwork but the highest quality stuff can easily take several hours on top of extensive training on how to write prompts and set settings. I am not an artist, I'm just...decent at getting the AI to kinda do what I want if I let it chug overnight.

Don't expect high resolution, don't expect perfection, don't expect it to be exactly what you see in your minds eye. That being said it can be really cool and for the purposes of a tiny portrait for the game or even just something put into your bio, it should be fine. The images are going to be small, probably 256x256 and that will help hide things like weird hands or bizarre tiny details.

5) I have no idea how popular this will be so I'll try to process these as they come in but if I wake up tomorrow with 1,000s of these  there might be a lengthy delay before you get your hands on it. If I can nail the prompt I can probably turn something around in a couple hours but if it is exotic or very specific it could take me days of playing with settings and stuff to figure it out. Today I tried to make a Klingon warrior and a "N'avi" style alien and after about 6 hours of work I have...acceptable images I can use:

Male Klingon Warrior (probably the best attempt at getting the forehead right...)

Female Klingon Warrior:

N'avi or Kaminoan style alien in a toga:

This one came out a little to Navi for my tastes but still looks good:

This is a failed klingon where the forehead became a headband that became the chestplate for another klingon. It still looks like a really cool composition though:

tl;dr: via rmail I need

1) Description of what your looking for. Character looks, clothing, art styles, background, poses & action. The more details the better but also know that many of those details are going to get warped or fall off.

2) By default I'm going to post the images and prompts (no names though) but if you really want it to be private let me know.

3) No adult stuff. PG only. Also try to shy away from being toooo deep into an IP. The AI can do stuff that looks "like" an IP (see the klingons above) but it is almost impossible to get it to replicate perfectly a Star Trek uniform or a Forgotten Realms religious symbol etc.
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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 15:18
AI Generated Character Art
First attempt!

Prompt: male fantasy rogue, middle-aged, red hair, greying hair, thin beard, perfect smile, detailed face, dark pupils, detailed pupils, fantasy art, character concept, trending on artstation, black cloak, colorful clothing, scarves, gold earring, jewelry, braclets

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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 18:35
AI Generated Character Art
praguepride that is AMAZING! I'm so envious!

All I do is create PC characters using Heroforge.

While my work will pale in comparison to Pragueprides, in the spirit of community networking, if anyone wants me to create a portrait image for your PC using Heroforge (which is far more limited in variation than praguepride's AI stuff) I'd be happy to do it.  The more detail you give me the more I can work with.

Also, I have a 3d printer, so if you want me to PRINT a 3d resin print of your PC, I'm happy to do that, but I just don't want to (a) paint them; and (b) pay the $7.99 Heroforge charges to send me the STL and (c) pay for the mailing cost.

But the portraits are free!  :)
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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 20:42
AI Generated Character Art
OK, I am curious, so here are two characters to try:

Character is a Fencer from roughly the three Musketeers era- but no Surtout.
20 year old Male with long auburn/brown hair tied back
Green eyes, tanned skin although natural pink/white elsewhere
Wears a rapier (with cutting edge) and a Main Gauche (Large Knife with large protective grip)
Leather helmet, light scale on Torso, bronze Armbands just above wrists, Blousy sleeves. woolen breeches and knee high soft boots.
Wide leather belt with small pouch, scabbards for rapier and main gauche.

Second Character is a Female Space ship Captain-
No uniform
35 year old tall, moderately full figured. [5 8 and 157 lbs]
Shoulder length black curly hair, held back with tie or band
Green eyes, alabaster white skin.
Grey ballistic suit (form fitting) with attachment ring for space helmet and pouch for First Aid Kit on left thigh
Assault boots
No gloves (on belt) and Survival watch on left wrist.
Belt with a gas mask, powered  holster for 10mm gauss pistol and magazine pouch for 10 spare clips or 10 shots and medium communicator.

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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 21:04
AI Generated Character Art
So this  is a little premature because it is only about 1/2 through the image rendering but here is a sample of what it can do:

Based on this description:

Judoc is a young man in his early 20s, slightly short, and of slender build. He has taken to wearing his brown hair short and cropped, and he has blue eyes. The reference is a young Michael Fassbender.

At school, Judoc typically wears wizarding robes. In the field, he wears leather armor, leggings, and sleeves; sandals; a leather helm; and cloth gloves. On top of the helm, he wears a silver circlet. He wears a necromancer's facial mask and an amulet with a carved ivory eye set with emeralds and rubies. He carries a wooden staff and wears a backpack. He wears a dagger on his belt. On his left ring finger is a ruby ring set in what looks like silver.

Judoc is accompanied by a Harris's hawk he has named Aiah.

This is my favorite so far:

The hawk on the shoulder is a big trouble. If I do this again I'll probably just have it flying overhead because the  AI likes to merge the "staff" and the "hawk" so here is a humorous reject showing what I'm dealing with XD

That being said, I really like the look of that, hawk-staff and all :D
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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 21:08
AI Generated Character Art
Praguepride, how long does it take you to make these images?
What is the site you create these on?  I have SOOO gotta try!
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Mon 17 Oct 2022
at 21:16
AI Generated Character Art
I'm using a local instance of stable diffusion (automatic1111 version). It's free to use but it took me several days to get up and running because you will likely need to be somewhat proficient in Git and python to get it up and running. You also need a decently powerful computer, at least 4GB of GPU to do the processing.

After that it is spending a week or two getting used to the controls and settings so that it makes the things you want to do, doing research on things like GPT and CLIP so you can figure out what the  computer "sees" when you type in a prompt.

THEN after all that (lol) it takes about ~1 minute an image to render so I do batches of about 50 and then just pick the best ones. Other people instead do a lot of refining via other AI engines or photoshop. They will kitbash  the stuff they want and continuously re-render and cherry pick the best ones in a  feedback mechanism (take the best of the batch, feed that in as the starting point of the next round etc.)

BUUUT I just like to run ~50-100 images and take the best couple and call it a day :D

The mods tend to not like extensive linking to other websites here so google "git automatic1111 stable diffusion" if you want to go down this rabbit hole.

OTHERWISE if you look for web portals there are people hosting SD servers but those aren't as  easy to just "fire and forget"

edit: One more "staff as bird" but in a really  cool way:

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