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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 20:44
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
So does everyone that use RPOL play dnd with it? If you don't use RPOL to play dnd (or pathfinder) than could you post here and tell me.
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 20:53
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
There are an awful lot of the site's 120,916 users who never use it to play any version of D&D.

A lot of people use some sort of home-brewed system, or freeform.

Others are playing games that D&D is no use for - open up the game search on the main page, and take a look at the list of categories.  D&D would have a hard time fitting into several of them.
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 21:09
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
if y9u need? go to 'players  wanted'  and youc an see games/systems they use.

As  BB said, some folks go  for free form.. my games  are semi freeform, so it frees  up characters, but there are still  rules.

 there are tons of games  here. if you can't find one you like ? You are trying!
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 21:14
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
And, of course, some of us play multiple game systems, which may well include some version of D&D, but it won't be the ONLY system we play.
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 21:42
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I have played more than a dozen gaming systems, and tried to figure out a half dozen, or so, more.
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 21:45
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
Or go to the Browse/Search the Games feature on the RPOL home page and look through active games. I'm sure the site could generate some specific metrics about the number of active games or total posts or whatever for every game system based on the data in the underlying data stores, but DnD - in all its forms - is absolutely not the only game played here.

I run one game, and play in three other games and none of them are DnD.
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Mon 27 Feb 2023
at 22:01
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
Most of the games I have played on here have been the various World of Darkness settings. Iím also playing in a Fading Suns game right now.
Iíve enjoyed a few Pathfinder 1st games; I havenít seen many 2e Pathfinder games, though I would be eager to play in one.
In general 5e has not kept my attention,,and that was true the one game I joined in here.
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 04:41
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I haven't played DnD for 25 years or more. I mostly run Call of Cthulhu on Rpol, but have also used several other systems for my games. In addition, I've played in at least a dozen other systems here. I don't go in for free form much.
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 07:13
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I've been on RPOL for over a decade and a half.  I have played exactly ONE D&D game on here in all that time, and the only reason I agreed to that was because the GM had an idea of characters being selected from different worlds to come to the one she'd created.  So, I was playing a Troll Street Samurai who had an explosive charge go off in his face, got snatched from his world a split-second before he died, and dropped off in a forest where an Elf nursed him back to health.  We were just getting ready to get into the actual meat and potatoes of the story when circumstances at the GMs workplace changed and she no longer had time to run the game.

I've played a LOT of other stuff on here, though...
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 14:12
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I've played so many different thing, including D&D. GURPS, Fate, Shadowrun. As a communication vehicle I can't think of a game that wouldn't work on RPOL. I sometimes find it useful to use ROll20 for mapping and positioning even though the game is asynchronous.
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 14:17
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I use roll20 all the time.
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 15:59
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
I run freeform games, been here around 20 years.  I donít have a scooby about any system games.  Too old to learn and donít wanna.  I think that the system games are just as great as the freeform games and vice versa.  I do use the dice roller D20 to settle battles.

Thatís the wonderful thing about RPol that there are so many variations of gaming and we are a friendly community of gamers that help each other out when needed.  ; )
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 20:01
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
While I play and run AD&D 2nd edition, D&D3.5 and am looking into 5th edition.

I also play Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder 1st, Pokemon Tabletop,Savage Worlds (tentatively ) All Palladium Games. Mutants & Masterminds, the old Marvel Superhero's. All Flesh Must Be Eaten, GURPS, TORG, City of Mists, Old Gods of Appalachia, Cyber Punk, Starwars and lots more I am sure I am forgetting at the moment.
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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 20:49
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
When first joining, I was exclusively playing Vampire the Masquerade and freeform games.

As time passed, and VtM games started to dry up, I was invited to a D&D game, then others from there. So while it was not why I originally joined, and was not the case at first, most of the games I am in now are D&D ones. (Which does make sense- it is a fine system, many creative people are running and playing in them, and it is hard to find a more niche game like VtM, BESM, or DC Heroes game).

So, not initially, yes, but I do now, no.

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Tue 28 Feb 2023
at 21:26
Does everyone that uses RPOL play dnd?
For the vast majority of time I used this site, I have never played any version of D&D. I've played/run mostly Classic Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, and other games.

I did recently join a 5e game owing to an excellent GM, but that's a rare exception for me.