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Sat 4 Mar 2023
at 20:26
Acronym help
I'm working up a supernatural investigation game and I'm drawing a blank. The setup is that a special unit is being formed to investigate odd occurrences. This unit will be under the Special Pathogens branch of the CDC (which really does exist). So I'd like for the unit acronym to be some variation on Specter/Spectre. Special Pathogens Esomething Csomething etc.

Any ideas?
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Sat 4 Mar 2023
at 20:51
Acronym help
Special Pathogens Esoteric Containment, Tracking, Response, and Eradication
Or Emergency instead of Espteric.

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Sat 4 Mar 2023
at 22:30
Acronym help
So for your specific ask:
S.P.E.C.T.R: Special Pathogens Emergency Containment Tactical Response

Also here are some others random options:
S.P.A.R (Special Pathogens Assessment and Response)
S.P.A.R.C: Special Pathogen Assessment & Response Command)
E.P.I.C. (Emergency Pathogen Intervention Command)
R.E.A.P. (Rapid Emergency Action Protocol)
C.R.U.S.H. (CDC Rapid Unit for Specialized Hazards)
S.T.R.I.K.E. (Specialized Taskforce for Rapid Infectious Outbreaks and Containment)
B.I.T.E (Biohazard Intervention and Tactical Effort)
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Sun 5 Mar 2023
at 01:12
Acronym help
Special Pathogen Evaluations Concerning Torn Recursion Events
or maybe
Special Pathogens Examinations Concerning Terminal Exceptions of Reality
(that last could be a ghost hunters homicide division)

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Sun 5 Mar 2023
at 03:55
Acronym help
As a starting point, SPECTRE (in the Bond world) stood for "Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion."

For your purposes, we have "Special Pathogens" as the obvious and perhaps essential starting point, and if it's a division of the CDC, that stands for Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention), so you have "Center" and "Control" as options for the C.

Ergo, Special Pathogens E------- Center/Control T------- R------- E-------

In keeping with the meaning of the original SPECTRE, I think "Special Pathogens Executive for Control, Testing, Research, and Eradication" works nicely.

Alternatives might include:

Special Pathogens Extension (of the CDC) for Control, Testing, Research, and Eradication
Special Pathogens Emergency Control Team Red-Eleven (as in "code red," and 11 is just an arbitrary designation, same as 007)


FTR, I love thinking about stuff like this, so if you are not satisfied with any of the options you've been given so far, just LMK and I'll work on it some more.
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Sun 5 Mar 2023
at 13:00
Acronym help
Would it help to use the American spelling:


More appropriate maybe if it's connected to the US CDC?
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Sun 5 Mar 2023
at 23:14
Acronym help
Special Pathogens Emergency Containment, Tracing, Removal, and Elimination
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Mon 6 Mar 2023
at 00:45
Acronym help
^^^That's very good.^^^
Davy Jones
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Mon 6 Mar 2023
at 20:52
Acronym help
This made me think of the old TV Series "Trauma Center," the one that starred Lou Ferrigno back in the day (and lasted only 10 episodes before it was canceled). Loved that show.

The ambulance used a logo on the side saying MEDSTAR. I can't remember the specific acronym, but it was something along the lines of MEDical Special Transport And Rescue. And I'm not that certain about the "Special" part...I'm sure that was different. In the first episode, one of the paramedics (or the star doctor, can't remember), suggested an alternative... MEDical Transport And Rescue Specialists, to which the administrator countered, "But that would spell MEDRATS." Dunno why that's stuck with me for 40+ years, but it was funny to my tween self.

Either way, I endorse both facemaker and 1492's offerings.