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07:08, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

In memoriam.

Posted by theblacksorcerer
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Tue 21 May 2024
at 14:12
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In memoriam

Our dear friend and colleague John Leland, whom you might know as jleland or one of many character aliases here on RPoL, passed away last Wednesday the 15th of May from heart disease.

John was one of the originals and greats of the SCA and the Pennsic War, and founded the Barony of Middle Marches in Ohio in 1970, in his persona of Jehan de la Marche. I believe he attended every Pennsic War but one from the event's founding until his passing.

Very sadly, he will not be at this year's event, and I expect a worthy tribute will be made to his memory, as befits an honourable knight of his stature. He was a stalwart and a warrior, a gentleman and a scholar, and he will be sorely missed.

You may read John's full obituary here:
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Tue 21 May 2024
at 16:56
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In memoriam

While I did not know him,Ioffer my deepest condolences to those who did and his family.
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Thu, 28 Nov, 2013
Tue 21 May 2024
at 17:46
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In memoriam

I remember seeing his name around, but I don't think I ever shared a game with him.

My condolences.
Jon Canuck
member, 36 posts
Wed 22 May 2024
at 12:11
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In memoriam

John was a player in one of my games. I appreciated his calm, careful and gentle approach to role play. He did not showboat, rarely took centre stage, had an eye to moving the story forward, and was always a team player, boosting others in their roles and scenes. A solid actor and a gentleman.

Farewell John.
member, 307 posts
Hopepunk with a shovel
Wed 22 May 2024
at 12:14
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In memoriam

Oh no...I regret that I won't get to game with him again, he had such good antiquarian anecdotes. I only knew a few moments of his time, all in all, but know that he'll be missed for those moments an entire ocean away. Farewell, good Baron. You made a troublesome priest.
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Fri 24 May 2024
at 21:31
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In memoriam

He had been a player for years in one of my games, and I had played with him for years in another. He was a stalwart companion, an erudite scholar, and a perfect gentleman.
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Fri 31 May 2024
at 13:47
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In memoriam

May he rest in peace.  I know he will be lived and missed.
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Tue 4 Jun 2024
at 04:07
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In memoriam

My condolences.

It is a tragedy to now only know him too late. He sounds like an amazing person and player.
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