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00:24, 23rd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack.

Posted by V_V
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Thu 13 Jun 2024
at 02:59
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Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack

I dug deep in CC and read some threads over two years old. One such thread, the last I read, was from a user that returned to RPoL fater dire medical straits. It got me thinking about Karack. Has anyone heard from him, of him? I had high hopes for his game, but the alarming thing was the coexistence of some very serious life changes events less than 20 days prior to him last logging in. These instances alone would be scary, but the coexistence is alarming.

I find myself holding to hope he just prioritized other leisure activities and is happily going about his life, that's just not suited to RPoL anymore. That he's healthy, enjoying his extending family, and has gotten out of his losing streak with deep ambitions that awarded him cruel denial.

 It's haunted me though. I never knew him well but unlike many, many users, he, like I, like couploe other, shared personal details that were vaguely identifying, but gave him the humanity. That humanity I really can't overvalue in a fellow participant in an activity. I got into gaming to have something to "do" while being with company. So for me, in a game that was four of nine sharing life's ups and downs, it felt like what friends do. Maybe not good friends, but certainly not just pals or chums. Friends celebrate...wait...this is my definition of those that I call friends. Friends celebrate with you, when life is keen, but never take the first bite of the treat. Friends mourn your losses, grieve over you your miseries, and depending on the disposition; distract you or let you sit comfortably (as you can at least) with your troubles, not having to feel ostracized. I was one of two players that remained active after Karack's departure, that continued to monitor the game, but mostly the people. Life wasn't kind to either of us either, but at least we knew the worst of it.

I got off topic, but I just really hope someone can shed some light, or peace on Karack.
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Tue 25 Jun 2024
at 10:20
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Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack

I didn't know Karack, sorry. But I just wanted to say that I appreciated your post and I empathize with you. I feel like the players in my game, and the ones who I've played with in other games in the past, are friends. Coming here to RPoL is like sitting down with friends, is it not? Sometimes IRL even the tabletop sessions might be a year apart, give or take, but friends still regather and pick right back up on an old game, or start a new one. Which is to say, I hold out hope too, for your friend Karack, and any others that we all might find ourselves missing in their absence.
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Tue 25 Jun 2024
at 13:12
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Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack

   Yes..this happens  more then it should in our world here. I started  my space game, with  a hand full of Refugees from a failed game we were in, The GM didn't have the Guts to tell us he was ghosting, or...RL got him. The way he ran the  game? i think it was the 1st.

  of that had  full of players, I have  1 charter member who is still with me  after 13+ years. all my games  have a sort of , Community field that you might have in   Massive  online games...We lost one, we assumed he  passed, since  we would share stuff in OOC..and even PMs ,,he was having Med problems.... We had another player from  England, he even Skyped with me a few times, because he was so into the game, asking questions and  'can we do this"  ect..he did pass. His sister send  me and a few dozen other folks who gamed  with him in his  how town( including the Mayor !) because of his contacts  list.

 there have been others, who ghosted. we couldn't tell because they weren't in the  same level of eagerness to  talk OOC and such, which is fine.

The  most heart breaking, and  one that makes me proud of my games and  the players. There was  a woman, she played in all three of my games, she was eager, aksed questions and even kept detailed notes... She went through Cancer treatments, i shared  some tips  and shut  that my late wife went through..she made it out the other side, and also found a new partner, through her med Journey. One day..she posted   early in all the games..then we didn't see anything  for  a full day..until i got a PM from her partner. She  said the  woman had, a heartattack, to go along with Covid ( no good if you are coming off of chemo), she posted from the  Recovery room, and  had her partner  send me  detailed  ways she wanted her characters  to 'end"

 The partner asked is she  could hang around, ( i don't like or don't..but  i allowed her to lurk) the  end , I asked if she wanted to take over her partner's  charcters, and she thisway, we keep her  alive, and the Partner fit right in with everyone else.

 There are at least 5  players i have on my list that RL is screwing over.. i have them 'off on a mission "  so they can  come back if/when Life  allows them

 So after all that? If you run a game and there is someone  whgo meant more to the game then just the PC?  set  that  PC  with an 'off screen' thing , that can be brought back whenever they are able.( I had  two players return after having to leave for 2 years)...  The GMs can check thier  cast listand see if that player ever checks in...

 and...lets face it..some times folks  just grow out of games, and/or RL takes them away, and  we'll never know what happened, unless they tell us.
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For 2024 is the year
of Health and Career
Wed 26 Jun 2024
at 13:30
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Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack

Yeah. My hope is Karack is just prioritized his life and leisure. I have to hope, not because it helps me forget, but helps me remember him.

As for table-top. A buddy of mine, someone who has been a great mate in D&D 3.5, Tom for short. I never learned much about him as a person IRL, but he would always make a point to engage with my own sharing of RL. Tom was, and is, a buddy. He has never been in the thick, even if I was; but he! Tom is, last I checked, just in a different scene than I. Tom has always been a good listener, even if he kept his RL close to his locals.

As you said, donsr, I too have five people who RL just has a vendetta against. It takes me very little time to check the cast list, and kleave the slot open with them in the game, for when they come back. I often have to be blunt with players that if they want to quit, that's not just okay, but understandable. If they want a break, I want them to know I've taken more than my fair share, and so I will never boot them for having busy RL. even if it's life looking up, a promotion, new child/grandchild, a windfall of financial opportunity, even a band getting back together that these people now want to travel. Sometimes being busy is good. Sometimes leisure just takes different shapes and forms.

I will end by saying, I use to play quite a lot of convention modules in the noughties. Some GMs were class acts, that despite reading a well scripted canned D&D adventure, left their own mark. While others I disliked but they and I were civil enough to share a table and then part ways. There are people that bring a bit of humanity to their seat, and share their slice of life. And it's just that, a slice. Those memories kept me very hopeful when I was homeless. The people that were on RPoL, and truth be told are still waiting for me to fully return to GMing consistently. They were humans that made me feel this wasn't a computer game. This was a conversation through text, but that people were thoughtful and considerate to make that text directed to help me through my struggles.

One day, I hope, Karack will be able to see this, and know while I didn't share his personal business; I know the three events in his life were any one a huge deal. I remember, and don't even need to remember, I can still read it, when he reported his RL update.

I won't go off topic. People, company of people matter most to me. If I had the choice to die hungry and gasping, with a person exhaling our last thoughts; I'd rather that than have banquet fit for twelve, all before me alone. If the meaning of life is subjective. That's my meaning. Sharing stories,  spending time, being together. I grieve, but I hope. People have told me years ago, that I should have been wiser. Some people will leave your (my) life and it'll take along time to know they may never come back into it.

Anyway. The woman with cancer sounds very admirable. To be curios and engaged, and to have that engagement be a capsule of spirit for their partner. That's bittersweet. It reminds you of that warmth that's cooling, but hasn't, and won't soon, go cold.

I'll leave this thread alone, and just read, unless major update is made.
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Wed 26 Jun 2024
at 14:01
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Does anyone have news (as of 2022 later) on Karack

if a person is gone  for a year , or even two, with out contact or answres  to a  "are you OK" PM.  I wil take a  the character  and drop them down to NPC  status, This  persevres the  CS  and if the player  comes  back, i just return the  NOC, to PC.

 But..if the player wasn't overly  active, or complained. The PC wil be sued to further the story line.

I  tell all those who want to join my games, that my games aren't for everyone, Just make sure to have the  Manners to say  ' hey, This game isn't for me.', or  even : this game sucks , i'm out of here."..either way, the othe rplayers who  wanted to  RP  with that  PC, knows its gone.
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