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Character Creation Rules
Characters who transfer into Black Talon Squadron must provide something.   Commander Sheppard makes the most of his troops.

All his people must be accomplished pilots as well as provide some secondary commando skills.  Suggestions include:

Demolitions Expert

The commander considers all applicants.  Make sure you include a detailed description on your chars history, future ambitions, etc.

This is a mature game and requires similar characters.  If you're looking for a hack and slash game where consequences mean nothing then look elsewhere.  Looking for serious roleplayers here (not rollplayers, powergamers or rules lawyers).

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Re: Character Creation Rules

Era of Play
Force Unleashed/Rebellion Era (Currently <1 year before SW Episode IV/Rogue One)

Starting Level
Level 6

Ability Scores
Planned generation system--30 point

Playable Species
Human, Bothan, Cerean, Duros, Gungan, Ithorian, Kel Dor, Rodian, Sullustan, Trandoshan, Twi'lek, Wookiee, Zabrak. (as per RPGA Network Play rules, RCR p. 15).  A Droid character is playable with GM approval.
From the Rebellion Era Sourcebook: "The Empire fostered an ongoing campaign to deny alien species their rights and freedoms.  Humans were looked upon as the favored species in the Empire--as long as those Humans followed Imperial law and pledged their lives to the Emperor's New Order.  Most members of an alien species were denied privileges and reduced to second-class status.  Some species, such as Wookies, were enslaved and outlawed as dangerous in most Imperial-controlled regions.  While life was somewhat easier away from the Core Worlds, the Outer Rim also provided the secrecy the Empire needed to turn whole planets into labor colonies toiling to maintain the Imperial war machine.
Because of these abuses and atrocities, many alien species joined the Rebel Alliance.  From free Wookies such as Chewbacca to the bulk of the Mon Calamari species, individuals and entire civilizations rose up to protest and eventually revolt against the tyrannical Empire.  In the Star Wars saga, free Wookies in this period are rare, and Ewoks aren't "discovered" until the time of the Battle of Endor."

Rebellion Era Class Restrictions (as per Rebellion Era Sourcebook, p. 5):
No force users at level 1.  All force-wielding classes/feats/skills are subject to GM approval as well as the rules below.

Force Adepts: "a character with strong ties to the Force and raised on an out-of-the-way world under a different Force tradition can start play as a 1st-level Force adept."

Jedi Counselor:  "is not available in this time period for player characters..."

Jedi Guardian: "is available to player characters, but no character in this era can start play as a... Jedi guardian."  Beyond starting level(s) a player character can obtain Jedi Guardian levels with approval from the Community GMs.  Approval is granted based on role playing ability.

Starting Credits
Maximum for level 1(as per RCR p. 15)

Starting Vitality
Maximum (as per RCR)

Vitality Beyond 1st Level
Roll on dice roller

Basic gear from RCRB & Arms & Equipment guide.  Nothing exotic or illegal.

Sourcebooks allowed
Revised Core Rulebook
Arms & Equipment Guide
Hero's Guide
Starships of the Galaxy

GM only - for Reference, etc
Ultimate Alien Anthology - For NPC's
Rebellion Era Sourcebook
Galactic Campaign Guide
Coruscant and the Core Worlds
Geonosis and the Outter Rim Worlds
Ultimate Adversaries

Combat Rules
As per RCRB
Dice rolled in combat by GM's or on rpol dice roller
Other dice rolls as appropriate

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Re: Character Creation Rules

Name  :                                         Gender:
Player:                                         Height:
Race  :                                         Weight:
Class :                                         Age   :
Level :                                         Hair  :  Exp   :                                         Eyes  :  Size  :                                         Skin  :
Speed :                                         Hand  :

Vitality   :                                    Current Vitality :
Wounds     :                                    Current Wounds   :
Defense    :                                    Force Points     :
Initiative :                                    Reputation       :
                                                Darkside Points  :

        SCORE    MOD    SCORE    MOD
STR   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :
DEX   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :
CON   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :
INT   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :
WIS   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :
CHA   :  xx  :  +0  :       :       :

BAB   : +0
Melee : -1
Ranged: +2

WEAPON              TAB    DAM    CRIT    RNG   WGHT  SIZE  TYPE   PROP

SAVES   Total   Base  Ability  Misc
Fort  :       =
Refl  :       =
Will  :       =

SKILLS (   points)                 MAX RANGES :

       SKILL                          SKILL  ABIL         MISC
CLASS  NAME                  ABILITY  MOD    MOD   RANK    MOD          Appraise                       INT    xx  =  xx  +  xx  +  xx
    *Astrogate                 INT        =
     Balance                   DEX        =
     Bluff                     CHA        =
     Climb                     STR^       =
     Computer Use              INT        =
     Craft ()                  INT        =
    *Demolitions               INT        =
     Diplomacy                 CHA        =
    *Disable Device            INT        =
     Disguise                  CHA        =
     Entertain ()              CHA        =
     Escape Artist             DEX^       =
     Forgery                   INT        =
     Gamble                    WIS        =
     Gather Information        CHA        =
    *Handle Animal             CHA        =
     Hide                      DEX^       =
     Intimidate                CHA        =
     Jump                      STR^       =
    *Knowledge ()              INT        =
    *Knowledge ()              INT        =

    *Knowledge ()              INT        =
     Listen                    WIS        =
     Move Silently             DEX^       =
    *Pilot                     DEX        =
    *Profession ()             WIS        =
    *Repair                    INT        =
     Ride                      DEX        =
     Search                    INT        =
     Sense Motive              WIS        =
    *Slight of Hand            DEX^       =
     Spot                      WIS        =
     Survival                  WIS        =
     Swim                      STR        =
     Treat Injury              WIS        =
123 *Tumble                    DEX^       =

123 Denotes Class Skills (1=Soldier, 2=Scout, 3=Noble: This is an example of
      a multiclass character)
  * Denotes Skills that must be trained before use
  ^ Denotes Skills that have an armor check penalty

LANGUAGES(* Literate)



Num Weight Item

  Light   Medium    Heavy   |   Lifting   Dragging



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