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Black Talon Assets
An ongoing list of assets owned by the Black Talons.

This list does not include personal items, vehicles or droids owned by individual Talons privately.  It also does not include any assets that may be 'officer eyes only.'

Certain Talons have the responsibility of being assigned Authorities over a given area of the Talon Nest.  Assets under a given category must be requesitioned from that area's Authority, who can grant or deny this request (which can only be overridden by the current Talon Leader).

In addition, Authorities are expected to keep the areas under their command in excellent working order and well-stocked.  Authorities are to submit reports to the current Talon Leader for approval when their area needs restocking, and at regular intervals to ensure the smooth-running of the Nest.

Currently, as the Talons lack extra workforce, these Authority positions are filled by primary Talon personnel.

Monetary Assets
Any liquid assets are listed here, in credits.

The Talons function currently by a system of donation.  As Talon personnel are already giving their time and endangerng their lives, they are not expected to donate credits.

It is, however, always appreciated.

Talon Funds: 11,600 cr


Starships, with any notable modifications, designated names and serial codes.  Unless noted, these vehicles are considered to have the Talon Nest as their 'home base.'
(Note: Serial codes are for internal purposes only; Talon squad members are not expected to remember them and are encouraged to develop designated names.)

Authority: Talon 4, Mika Trake, is in command of the Hangar.

Space Transports
  • Ghtroc 720 Freighter (Stock Model, serial TSG-01)

  • BTL-S3 Y-wing (Stock Model, serial TSY-01)
  • BTL-S3 Y-wing (Stock Model, serial TSY-02)
  • BTL-S3 Y-wing (Stock Model, serial TSY-03)

  • R5 astromech droid x 3

Armory (Talon Nest)

All equipment listed here is stored at the Talon Nest's armory when not in active use.

Authority: Talon 2, Sgt. Kyvarr 'Hammer' Dulvan, is in command of the armory.

  • blaster pistols x 3
  • heavy pistols x 2
  • blaster rifles x 2
  • E-11s Rifle (sniper variant) x 1
  • Heavy repeating blaster x 1
  • Light repeating blasters x 2
  • Frag grenades x 5
  • Stun grenades x 5

  • Light Armour x 3
  • Medium Armour x 2
  • Riot shields x 4

Medical Supplies (Talon Nest)

Medical supplies are kept in the Medbay area of the Talon Nest.  This list does not include stores assigned to various personnel or starships.

Authority: Dr. Dohr Veen has command of the Medbay.

Medbay (Talon Nest)
  • Medical Kits x 10
  • Medpacs x 22
  • Surgery Kit x 2

Resources (Talon Nest)

General stores are kept in their respective store rooms in the Talon Nest.  This list does not include stores assigned to various personnel or starships.

Authority: Talon 5, Heigren, is in command of Resources.

General Stores (Talon Nest)
  • Electrobinoculars x 1
  • Power pack x 25
  • Medical Kits x 5
  • Medpacs x 10

Rations (Talon Nest)
  • TBD


This list primarily constitutes droids, but can also include any kind of autonomous system noteworthy enough for inclusion.  This list does not include automation systems or droids owned privately by individual Talons.

Authority: Talon 1, Cor Lambar, is in command of automation.

First Class
  • None
Second Class
  • R2-N7 (R-series astromech, new, gold trim, stock)
  • R3-C1 astromech droid (military spec, new, blue-silver trim, stock)
  • R3-C2 astromech droid (military spec, new, blue-silver trim, stock)
  • R3-C3 astromech droid (military spec, new, blue-silver trim, stock)
  • DUM-series Pit Droid x6
Third Class
  • M4-series Messenger Droid x2
Fourth Class
  • DRK-1 Probe Droid x1
Fifth Class
  • None

Reminder: these lists may not be all-inclusive and will be updated as necessary.

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