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Brig. Mark Sheppard
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Wed 6 Dec 2017
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Black Talon Squadron Roster

Current Members

Talon Lead/Talon 1 - Cor Lambar
Umbaran Female
Talon Leader
Operations Officer/Droid specialist

Talon 2 - Kyvarr Dulvan
Cathar Female
Ground Vehicle/Heavy Weapon Specialist

Talon 3 - Fiarr Melan'nel
Bothan Female
Infiltrator / Sniper / Assassin

Talon 4 - Mika Trake
Human Female
Capital Ship Engineer

Talon 5 - Heigren
Zeltron Male
Face / Negotiatior / Black Marketeer

Talon 6 - Dohr Veen
Kel Dor Male
Medical Expert

Talon 7 - Kadlor
Duros Male

Talon 8 - Lin Daochi
Pantoran Female
Rebel Slicer

Talon 9 - Kira
Human Female
Bounty Hunter

Talon 10 - B0-B1

Past Members
Note: Individuals who met the Talons but did not formally join are not included.

Aeleth, Darak
Allen, 'Flash'
Bedix, Ashlyn
Blaque, Aderek
Branden, Arin
Endeel, Arcas
Fellinx, Daron
Grimm, Christian
Helrak, Dyre
Hyquin, Cyril
Jai, Aryan
Jax, Zyra
Kern, Zenna
Kismet, Devon
Lars, Tania
O'Connell, Daniel
Nallis, Exilim
Panaka, Jek
Pereen, Roy
Pertwee, Rann
Masters, Sheila
Savin, Nirro
Sheppard, Mark
Simestra, Neeva
Sloan, Darvin
Toluga, Merreck
Torlo, Jace
Webb, Jamie

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Master Servious
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Killed in Action
The galaxy is a dangerous place and the Black Talons see some of the worst of it.  Below is a list of characters who have been killed in action.

Dyre Helrak
Human Male
ISB agent who had infiltrated the Talons.  Shot down by the Talons on Despayre while fleeing on speeder bike after his cover was blown.

Zenna Kern, Daron Fellnix & Bishop
Human Female, Human Male & Human Male
Missing, presumed dead after rigged explosives detonated early in petrochem plant, destroying the entire facility.

Aryan Jai
Gungan Male
Killed in firefight with stormtroopers while defending refugee settlement.

Wookie Male
Killed in firefight whilst involved in boarding action of Imperial fuel convoy.

Arin Branden
Human Male
Killed by sniper fire and subsequent crashing and explosion of his swoop bike during an ambush.

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Mon 15 Apr 2013
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Support Staff/Droids/Notable NPC's/Non-Talon PC's
Brigadier General Mark Sheppard
Human Male
Commanding Officer - Task Force 46

Colonel Zyra Jax
Zabrak Female
Fleet Adjutant - Task Force 46

R2-B7 "Catch" (Droid Follower - Devon)
Droid - Male Programming
Expert 4

Allen "Flash" (NPC)
Duros Male
Soldier 5 / Scout 1 / Sharpshooter 1
Security Chief

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