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Game Rules
While the game is structured on the D20 rules it is played largely freeform.  So an understanding of the rules is important (to develop chars, determine the basics of what you can/can't do) but you will rarely have to roll dice or think in combat turns/move turns etc.  Most of the game mechanics/dice rolls are handled in the background by the GM, allowing you to focus on your character and the game.  XP is awarded for creativity, character development and progression of story. If you rely on combat only for XP, be prepared to fall behind your team mates.

Regular posts - 3 days
Combat posts 2 days

If you do not post your char will be NPC'd by me.  This means they do the minimum based on what I think your char would do.  So the better I get to know your chars the better for you. If you fail to post for 6 days (2 regular rounds or 3 combat rounds) without notice, the player will recieve an official warning.  If the same player misses a further 6 days within a 3 month period they will receive a second official warning.  A further failure to respond for another 6 days (or absence from the game for 2 consecutive weeks without notice) will result in your character becoming a GM NPC.

A character who becomes a GM NPC will remain so until such time as the player resumes posting (providing assurances to the GM for their absence.  Ifthe player continues to be absent for a further 2 weeks the GM will either remove the char from the game or make them a permanent NPC.

Any XP earned during non-posting is forfeit (with a few exceptions)

So if you no longer wish to play for whatever reason, tell me.  If you have problems and you can't post for a week or two (RL does happen) let me know in advance.  I'm not an ogre!

I also appreciate that sometimes people lose their internet connection for whatever reason.  However given the numerous internet points these days (internet cafes, libraries, schools, etc) I would appreciate a quick message to let me know of your difficulties or else your char may be removed from the game.

While it's always fun to chat in the OOC thread, remember we're here to play a game so keeping the main thread alive is the priority.  If you only have time to write one post, do it to the IC threads, not the OOC one.  OOC threads to not count to your posting minimum, don't earn you XP and don't keep the game moving.

Dice rolls
I roll ALL dice in combat.  I might make an exception for a special role (like a sniper who has carefully lined up his shot, a pilot who has one chance to hull that TIE, etc).  Things were the shot REALLY matters.

Outside of combat a player can roll all active rolls.  This is where you actually choose to use a skill (like listen, spot, search, bluff, craft, knowledge, treat injury, etc).  If you don't roll for these in a timely manner I will do it for you.

I will roll passive rolls.  These are skills you don't always know you're using (like listen, sense motive, spot, etc).  Note some skills like spot and listen can be 'active' or 'passive' depending on the situation.

I like players to roll their own active rolls because it creates an element of excitement and allows you to post based on the result (i.e. wether you succeeded, failed, bombed out miserably, etc).  Of course I will roll for you if you're taking too long.

I will use the RCRB for combat.  I am well versed with the rules so don't bother telling me every little bonus you think you're entitled to.  I wont forget.  What you do need to let me know is if you want to use a special ability (like heroic surge, force points, etc).  These are your responsibility to use.  Don't let your character die when a FP might have saved them!

I want you guys to focus on what you're doing (and keep your posts IC).  Tactics and planning keep you alive in my games, not brute force.  I need thinkers not drones.  I try to plan important battles to ensure that simple exchange of fire will not win the day (or will leave you with significant casualties).  You need to be creative!

Plan ahead.  I don't run combat one round at a time if I can avoid it.  I run the combat until something changes.  (i.e. Remember when Han Solo was chasing stormtroopers through the Death Star halls for several rounds?  I would have run multiple rounds until something changed; in this case, the stormtroopers had set up an ambush for him!).  So this means don't post for one round, plan ahead, post for multiple rounds with contingencies.

Know the rules.  While I'll make all the combat rolls you still need to know various things.  Such as are you firing your weapon on multifire? autofire?  Are you delaying your action?  Are you using Heroic surge?  Spending a force point? Are you attempting to flank?  If you don't use these skills, then they are wasted.  Sometimes I will play them for you (i.e. multiple melee attacks on the same char will naturally cause the players to try and flank, a post saying you want to put as many laser bolts down the corridor suggests the use of autofire).

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