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Mon 16 Dec 2013
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Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
Relative Time: 35 minutes before the meeting

The grand Akari City hotel rises high above the cityscape as the team approaches, tremendous in its splendour.  Speeder taxis buzz about it like bees about a hive, heading this way and that, the tall and tasteful holographic banners adorning it from top to bottom.  Other buildings nearby live in its shadow.  There are certainly taller buildings on the planet but none in the vicinity.

It isn't through the sky that the Talons approach, though.  Local traffic laws keep them out of the main automated speeder flight paths.  Instead they zoom along at street level, weaving in and out of the high-speed traffic with the agility that larger speeders simply can't match.

There's a pause and traffic slows, stopping the travelling Talons briefly.

Along the way they've witnessed a few arguments between gang-members, including one unruly fist-fight being broken up - violently - by law enforcement.  One might be forgiven for wondering if these fights are only obvious to the Talons because of the recent news about gang troubles but from the look on the faces of the Akari locals this kind of gang aggression is strange in this sector indeed.

Still, that's all local trouble... right?  The Talons have other things to worry about.

At this rate Flash and Devon will reach the hotel about half an hour before the meeting is due to start.

Doctor Dohr Veen is heading through those same streets, the press of sentient beings about him.  His limp and cane keep people at a distance - not to mention his rather... unusual appearance as a Kel Dor - but he is nonetheless jostled from time to time as he progresses onward.

He is well in the shadow of the hotel itself now.  At his current rate he'll reach the hotel in about five minutes.

Kyvarr and Fiarr, meanwhile, are already there.  They stand at the bottom of the wide steps leading up to the main doors of the hotel proper, bathed in the neon glare of the holographic banners above.  The hotel looms above like an edifice (or something equally poetic) as the Bothan and the Cathar are passed by a hurried, excited wedding party on their way up into the foyer.

At this rate they will reach the foyer in about... fifteen seconds.
Kyvarr 'Hammer' Dulvan
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Mon 16 Dec 2013
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Re: Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
Kyvarr stared at the hotel then at Fiarr.  She was filled with unease.  "You sure this is a good idea?"
Fiarr Melan'nel
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Mon 16 Dec 2013
at 10:46
Re: Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
"Certain?  Absolutely not.  Still we should listen to these people.  If they are what they say they are, this could be an opportunity for us.  Besides, we're here now"
Kyvarr 'Hammer' Dulvan
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Mon 16 Dec 2013
at 22:37
Re: Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
Kyvarr shrugged.  "Guess so, but keep an eye on that human woman.  She seems to be quick to anger and I doubt she likes you much, stealing her creds and all."

"We're early, let's grab a drink.  Provided we can afford one in this fancy flophouse."

Fiarr Melan'nel
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Tue 17 Dec 2013
at 01:14
Re: Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
"Let's just head to a cafe out the front here.  It will be cheaper."

Her motive's weren't just credit-saving.  Something was going on, she could feel it.  The gangs were more active then normal and she had a sense of foreboding she couldn't shake.  Better to be somewhere she could watch the street until it was time to meet.
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Wed 18 Dec 2013
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Re: Act 5.5.3 - The Grand Hotel
Devon watched in bemusement as they passed another group of gangers getting their rights enthusiastically violated by the local police.
"The hell is going on?" he wondered vaguely - not that he really expected Heigren to know.
With the latest scuffle behind them, Devon grimaced in frustration as yet another traffic signal brings him and Flash to a halt.  Ironically, he was getting as frustrated with the journey as his passenger was... but, they'd been told how strict the law was in this part of town, and with the gangs causing the uproar they were the local law would be looking for trouble.

"So guys, how are we playing this?  We all meeting with them?  How much do we tell them.  Dohr has learned a lot already from Jit.  He knows we're some sort of anti-Imperial group but not much else.  I imagine the other two know a similar amount."

Devon shrugs his answer - he couldn't really think of anything to what had already been said back at the hanger:  He was a street kid who grew up stealing unattended speeders and finally graduated onto making off with starships - he'd never claimed to be good at interviewing people; back home, an interview had always gone something like "See that speeder over there?  If you can jack it without the Fuzz catching on, you're in."