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Wed 26 Mar 2014
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Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Location:  Det Akari General Hospital

The trip to the hospital is made in relative silence, each team member absorbed in their own thoughts.  Some focused on the loss of their team member Arin, others considered the enigma that was Idaya, others focused on the challenge of breaking through the spaceport blockade before Cor and the ship was lost.  Whatever their reverie, it remained undisturbed by attacks or comm traffic.

The convoy stopped about a block from the hospital.  It would not pay to take a heavily armed convoy, complete with bound prisoner into the grounds.  It was agreed that one speeder would go in to collect Sheila while Idaya was released.

Inside the hospital, Sheila had been kept up to date by Cor on the convoy.  She'd had little to do and had done her best to stay out of the way.  She now waited outside the building (though still inside the grounds) for her ride to arrive.

Inside the back of the truck, Idaya began fighting her way back to consciousness.

OOC:  Well as nobody except Mika has posted to the other thread I've pushed on to the hospital.  The speeder (not the truck) will be used to grab Sheila.  Might be a good chance for anyone who wants to have a private chat to do so.

Idaya, you're waking up, feel free to post any time.  Your arms and legs are currently secured with stun cuffs.  All your gear, including your armour is missing.

Sheila, you're at the just outside the hospital, near the security station, waiting for the speeder to pick you up.  Security seems to have no problems with your desire to leave.  It makes more room.

Each person please indicate where you are and what you're doing.

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Wed 26 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Heigren called out to Dohr and Kyvarr.  "She's waking up!"

He leaned down and removed her cuffs.  He didn't care wether the others would approve or not.  Having Idaya cuffed when she woke up would hardly engender trust.  Besides, the Talons had kept their promise.  They were in a safe place and she would be set free.  He knelt beside her and did his best to support her.

"It's alright.  You're safe here." He spoke calmly and soothingly.

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Wed 26 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
The blue-skinned female had been unconscious for some time from the three stun-bolts that had hit her squarely. What begun as a slight stir, led to some restless movement and eventually, an abrupt opening of the blood red eyes. And the more awake she became, the more annoyed the look on her face grew. She could feel where the stun-cuffs had been on her wrists and it was clear, she didn't think the world of the Talons at the moment, for which a contributing factor could have been the fact, the Talons had fired upon her despite the fact, she had not actively threatened them with anything and the purple man, Vyn, had promised her, she would not be harmed. Yet she considered being shot at, even at stun, just that. The blood red eyes shot a very sharp look at Heigren in a manner that would probably have sent uncomfortable shivers through the spines of almost any man.

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Wed 26 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Heigren smiled warmly.  He either missed Idaya's glare or he dismissed it.

"Come on now.  Let's get you sitting.  You've been out for about ten minutes.  Take your time."
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Wed 26 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Kyvarr had wasted no time when the truck had stopped, and Heigren had said the prisoner was waking.  She'd jumped out of the truck as best her leg could and then removed all of Idaya's weapons, armour and gear and given it to Fiarr to stack on her bike.

By the time she did that and came back Kyvarr saw the prisoner was waking and glaring at Heigren.  She had no real feelings for the prisoner either way.  If she behaved she could go.  If she so much as threatened Heigren she'd tear the woman into very small pieces.

She sat near Heigren and made no move to interfere with his handling of Idaya.
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Thu 27 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Mika wasn't sure what was going to happen with the blue woman, but that wasn't why they were here, at least not in Mika's mind.

"I'll go see about 3.". Mika moves at a fairly sedate (for her) pace down the street towards the hospital until she spots Sheila.  "He stranger, need a lift?"
Fiarr Melan'nel
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Thu 27 Mar 2014
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Re: Act 5.5.6: Det Akari Spaceport
Fiarr stayed with the blue woman's bike.  She quickly checked over it to make sure it was still in good working order then placed all the woman's weapons and gear in the cargo bay.  Then she took up a position where she could watch the various approaches for trouble.  Just because they were near a hospital did not make them safe.