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Act 6.1a - Laser tag sim (co-operative)
Upon reaching the laser tag building, the Talons were led to a briefing area.  The instructor quickly went over the rules of laser tag: each person wore a sensor pack and when the pack registered a direct hit, the person was 'dead' and needed to stay where they fell and refrain from any further activity or communication.  No weapon other then those supplied were to be used, and that included melee attacks.  All personal weapons and armours were to be left in secure lockers supplied.  Communications devices were also to be left as the helmets that all members had to wear included an inbuilt comm system as well as sensors for laser hits.

Then next few hours were spent on various fields.  Red Team was commanded by Idaya and Blue Team by Dohr.  Other than Idaya and Dohr, the teams changed with every engagement, giving both Idaya and Dohr a chance to assess the combat abilities of each person both individually and as a group.  Different missions were run from straight shoot outs to defence or assault missions.  The group got to work with nearly every other person, learning their strengths and weaknesses.

Three hours and ten scenarios later, a pause was finally called and the Talons were allowed a quick rest and refreshment break.  They only got ten minutes before they were called into the briefing room.  This was to be the last mission of the day, but it was also to be the biggest.  Before the briefing began Devon quickly stood and explained that in this final mission that they would be fighting in one team against an unknown enemy of equal number.  Idaya and Dohr would have joint command of the entire team.  How they ran this next mission was entirely up to them.  Devon explained he would be just a member of the team, assigned to whatever role the two team captains gave him.

The briefing officer then stepped forward.  The purpose of this mission was simple,  a standard 'capture the flag' style scenario.  The Talons would need to assault the enemy's base and capture their command centre while defending their own.  The Talons would face off against another mercenary team of equal number who would be similarly armed.  Victory would be determined by whichever team captured the others command centre or whichever team had surviving members.

Furthermore, the mission had a time limit of fifteen minutes.  If time run out then both teams would lose.

One final addition to the rules was that the 'no physical attacks' rule had been lifted by Devon for this mission (after signing various waivers).  In this mission melee attacks were permitted as were the use of supplied melee weapons.  The team was reminded that rendering someone unconscious was permitted, but killing someone would result in serious fines and expulsion from the simulation.  The team would also be responsible for all cleaning and body disposal costs.

Once the briefing was complete, the team were led into the game zone.  It consisted of two ten story buildings that looked like they had once been office blocks decades ago.  Now they were much worse for wear.  Most of the windows were gone, only the odd flickering light shone in each building.  Between the two buildings was a street and side-walk that stretched the two hundred metres between the buildings and about fifty metres wide before meeting the perimeter walls.  The zone between the two buildings was mostly open ground with only a few barrels and wrecked speeders for cover.  It wouldn't be easy to cross.

The instructor led them into the building on the left.  The team noted that the building had two stairwells, one at each end and a non-functional elevator in the middle.   A skilled climber could probably traverse the outside walls.  Each floor they noted was originally designed to have numerous rooms filled with cubicles, but now all were different.  One floor was largely intact, another had been blasted until the whole floor was open and offered little cover.  Other floors were of mixed states of damage.

They were quickly led up to the tenth floor. This floor was largely intact.  In the centre of the level was a large room that held a computer console on a large desk against the south wall, and a large cupboard next to it.  The room was lit by two overhead lights and had three doors to north west and east.  The roof had once contained a skylight that had long ago been smashed and replaced with a trap door.  A ladder led up to the trapdoor.  All in all, it was a difficult room to defend.  If the enemy got to this room, the game was likely lost.

The instructor pointed at the computer console.  "That is your command centre.  The enemy has one in the same location in the other building.  If you approach it and enter the code 'Victory or death' then you win.  If they enter their code in your computer, they win."

He walked over to the large cupboard and opened it.  There were racks laden with weaponry, all modified to fire laser bolts of minimal intensity.  Anyone hit by such a bolt would feel a slight thud, no worse then being jostled in a queue.  All the weapons were common BlasTech variants.  Everyone was familiar with the common DL-18 blaster pistols and E-11 blaster rifles.  There were ten pistols and eight of the rifles.  They also noted three special weapons in the corner, two E-11s sniper rifles and one T-21 light repeating blaster with bipod attachment.  There were also ten standard stun batons.

The instructor produced a small case from a shelf and opened it.  It contained twenty power packs.  The team could see that none of the weapons currently had power packs inserted.  The twenty packs were all they had and there was no way to recharge them supplied.  While the room had power, they had not been supplied with a recharger.  Even if there was one, a recharger takes four hours to recharge a power pack so wouldn't have been much use anyway!

The instructor looks at the Talons.  "You now have two minutes to arm yourselves and prepare.  Then the fifteen minute game clock begins.  Good luck"

He walked from the room.  An overhead speaker suddenly rumbles to life.

'Simulation commences in two minutes'

OOC:  Devon has informed me that Idaya and Dohr are to have joint command for this operation.  Good luck!

You have your basic outlay, your weapons and your objectives.  You have a quick chance to plan strategy, assign roles and arm yourselves before the game commences.  I'll be using combat post rules so people who don't post in the two day time frame will be NPC'd by me.

A reminder that you only have 20 power packs.  The packs will fit any weapon listed but if someone runs out of ammo then they'll be in trouble!  Remember some weapons will get less shots per pack so plan accordingly (i.e. pistols 100 shots, rifles 50 shots, sniper rifle 6 shots, repeater 30 shots.)

The stun batons don't need a power pack, they're fully charged.

You've got two minutes before the simulation commences.  Good luck!

Alpha Team
Dohr - Uninjured
Idaya - Uninjured
Devon - Uninjured
Sheila - Uninjured
Mika - Uninjured
B2-CC9 - Uninjured
Fiarr - Uninjured
Kyvarr - Uninjured
Heigren - Uninjured
Flash - Uninjured

Bravo (Enemy) Team
Status Unknown

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Fri 27 Jun 2014
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Re: Act 6.1a - Laser tag sim (co-operative)
Heigren walked over to the armoury and picked up a pistol.  Slipping a power pack into the weapon he then stuffed it in his belt and waited to be told what to do.  Since the pistol was the only weapon there he was comfortable using he didn't wait for Idaya or Dohr to tell him to arm himself.
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Fri 27 Jun 2014
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Re: Act 6.1a - Laser tag sim (co-operative)
Kyvarr looked over the weapons.  She was comfortable with all of them, though her eyes did rest on the T-21 a little longer.  Still she didn't know the plan yet.

She looked to Idaya and Dohr.  "Your order sir, ma'am?"
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Fri 27 Jun 2014
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Re: Act 6.1a - Laser tag sim (co-operative)
Devon was eyeing the weapons rack too, but didnt take anything.  Left to his own devices, he'd have taken a stun baton and probably a rifle.  And he'd had an idea or two about ways to improve their odds of crossing the open ground.

But it wasnt his show.  Standing by the weapons rack, ready to hand guns out to people, he turned to face Idaya and Dohr and watched the pair with an expectant look.