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Adventure Work Bench
Kana flinched at the blow; not from the pain the wound caused but at the damage done his magnificent armor.  Hadn’t the bastard cut an exposed bit of flesh like every other enemy? Oh no, this excrement of his mothers lower intestines had to cut through Mage-glass to get a piece of him.

He looked to his friend to see how they fared and witnessed a horror more traumatic than any he had yet experienced. When he was a boy he watched the death of his parents at

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Get an Opponent
Our opponent will be the Cult of the Dragon below.

Have a Plot
Zoratass is powerful spellcaster in the service of the Dragon below. He has located the tomb of his Raksasha lord and seeks to free him.

Hook the Heroes
 - Hey fool, your cousin is stuck in a cave in!
 - One of the faithful comes to Allus to lament the loss of her son to the construction site.

Scenario A
The heroes will first encounter Zoratass at the construction site. He treats his workers well and seems honest in his dealings. He’s the classic absent-minded wizard though. It seems he is using the laborers from the town as a gesture of goodwill since he is a new resident. He also uses labor from across the Graywall and they seem much more suited to the task; a horde of minotaurs, ogres, gnolls and other monsters from Droaam . Zoratass has finished building the above ground part of his complex and secured it against intrusion. He is now focusing on the belowground features, namely the dungeon.

This is the intro adventure; the PCs will in fact be called to the site when a cousin/loved one of theirs in trapped in a cave in. Subsequent investigations should show that the cave in was staged:
1) No monstrous humanoid was caught.
2) The area was secured beforehand, the human foreman is sure of it.
3) It happened in the deepest part of the complex where humans are not encouraged to go as their inferior vision makes them a liability in the dark; it’s cheaper to use races with dark vision. Other minor accidents occurred when ever the foreman sent them there.
4) The foreman is at his wits end, he is short staffed and the wizard has restricted his workforce further by declaring that he won’t pay for the equipment needed for them to see in the dark. So the foreman got some mundane torches and sent them, to assist the monsters who were against the help for what he though was foolish pride in their ability.

This section is the area where the Raksasha prison is located.

Scenario B

 It will be set in Breland in the town off Galethspyre on the western shore of the Dagger River. Breland's 7th Army, still in winter quarters in Galethspyre, immediately began preparations for a forced march to bolster the Graywall defenders, Brelish Army officials said on Zol.

Little Pieces

I once found some advice that stuck with me in an old Dragon magazine column: Never write more than you actually need to. In fact, you should purposely avoid writing everything out in order to leave some mystery in the situation and some opportunities for expansion in other directions.

This advice is especially valuable in writing adventures. When you're working on a scenario, write only what you need for your next session, and let the rest wait. That way, when your players choose an unusual course of action, the adventure can't get too far off course.

Writing only what's necessary at the time has another benefit as well. It allows you to break a large, intimidating project down into more manageable chunks. When you finish one step, you can focus on the next, and then the one after that, and so on, until you're finished. Don't feel that you have to answer every question raised in the adventure right away.

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Re: Eberron
House Denieth maintains a large Defenders Guild enclave in Galethspyre, because the town is a major staging area for caravans journeying into Droam. And so the young Tyrdus found himself there looking for work. He had traveled here looking for work but the brusque Denieth guards had turned him away for no other reason than the way he looked.
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Re: Eberron
Nothing at all man, its cool I got dis.
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Tue 7 Aug 2007
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Re: Eberron
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Re: Eberron
Hey Lewis, link up here nigga, lets do dis:

link to "MnM test play"
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Re: Eberron
Zion sat astride Swift surveying the landscape below him. He was high above the town of Stormreach nestled on the northern coast on Xen’drik, surrounding by wild jungle and marshes. It was in this frontier town, the official port city in Xen’drik used by the Races of Khorvaire. It was in this town that he was meeting his contact. Morgrave University had sent him on a mission and it was here that he would receive his orders. He spotted the University’s outpost and smiled. It was small by Khovairian standards but it still had all the amenities a modern outpost needed, including an aerie for his mount.

 Zion flew Swift straight down towards it at a breath taking speed. He pulled up short right at the entrance;  Swift furiously beat his massive wings to brake in time and hovered in front of the aerie a moment before landing inside the door and waddling to the stall Zion steered him toward. The Shifter leapt from the back of the mighty eagle and begun the arduous task of unsaddling the bird. The saddle was a leather contraption of buckles and straps designed to hold the rider in place no matter what manner of stunts his aerial mount pulled during flight, but if you asked Zion it was made that way to frustrate the rider when he had to saddle or unsaddle his mount. Never the less; Zion had the saddle off in no time with the practiced ease of one who was long used to the task.

He left the aerie soon after and went to find the Elf he was told to contact. He knew the job included him searching for some manner if plant but he did not yet know the exact variety he would be searching for. He often did this sort of thing for Morgrave and was even given a job of head gardener at the university. His knowledge or plants and animals were astounding and Zion has traveled the world to learn about and catalog new varieties for the university. That was his business and business was good!

Fuck it!

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Re: Eberron
*reads posts*

...those two sound familiar....
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Re: Eberron
Just wondering, is this going to be a dungeon crawl type game? I want to play a cavalier but it doesn't make sense to to it if ilol never be on a horse...

I dont think so. My character has a mount as well. It's a freaking bird man so if I can ride you should be able to... except over ravines and stuff, you're screwed there.

What say you Tae BO?
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Re: Eberron
Fuck it I not writing that story about what happened during my solo play. Fuck that shit, its too hard. I will write a new one staring me and Lewis. Scotty too if he gives some details.
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Re: Eberron
I'm going to be a cavalier and ride a pegasus mount... That way I can fly too bitch! Anyway I can still handle a crawl or two since my character's base class will be fighter. With a lot of weapon feats mounted feats anmd armour feats
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Re: Eberron
and flaws too...
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Re: Eberron

So anyway, what are the adventure elements that you guys want to see in this game? What elements do you feel are overdone, and just plain dead and tired, needing to be taken out behind the barn and shot? What did you always want to do, but never got the chance in any game previously? Where do you want this game to go?

Let me know.

I can tell you I plan to try out an aquatic expedition at some point, so you have been warned.
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Re: Eberron
I want a game that allows me to use my skills and class abilities to some extent. I also want a game that we actually play. I want to have to use my brain and i want combat maps and I want to start right now. I dont care about anything eklse but starting. The rest will come in time.
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Re: Eberron you say, good sir.
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Re: Eberron
What to have on-hand for quick asian cuisine
1. Fresh ginger
2. Garlic
3. Cornstarch
4. Scallions
5. Soy sauce
6. Peanut oil
7. Rice
8. Chile oil
9. Hoisin sauce
10. Dark sesame oil

There's nothing better than a well-stocked pantry. Keep these items around and you'll be in great shape whenever you want to whip something up.

1. Canned tomatoes
2. Chicken, beef or vegetable broth
3. Dried pasta
4. Canned beans (black beans, navy, pinto, kidney, garbanzo)
5. Canned tuna fish
6. Dried fruits
7. Olives
8. Good quality breadcrumbs
9. Salsa
10. Rice

Pots and Pans
The kind of pots and pans you buy depends on your own personal preference. Generally, stainless is the most versatile, though both hard-anodized and nonstick have their fans. Look carefully at cookware sets — while they're often a great deal, they may not include exactly what you need. Our ideal set-up includes:

9-inch omelet pan
12-inch skillet
8-quart stockpot with a lid
1.5-quart sauté pan with a lid
1.5-quart saucepan with a lid
3-quart saucepan with a lid

In addition to that, you might want the following:

9-inch cast-iron skillet
Roasting pan and rack
Ridged grill pan
5-quart Dutch oven
Steamer insert for saucepan
Casserole dish

Keep these items on hand for easy meal preparation.

Spices (Basic):
Kosher Salt
Whole black peppercorns
Red pepper flakes
Dried herbs, like oregano, bay leaf, whole nutmeg, and thyme
Ground cinnamon
A spice blend such as
Chili powder
Curry powder
Herbes de Provence or Italian Seasoning
Five-spice powder

Spices (Upgrade):
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Fennel seeds
Ground cardamom

Condiments (Basic):
[all of these go in the fridge once open]
Hot Sauce
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Real maple syrup

Condiments (Upgrades)
Asian chili pastes
Sesame oil
Fish sauce
Hoisin sauce

Dry goods (Basic):
Vegetable oil
Chicken broth (canned or in paper containers)
Nut Butter
Canned tomatoes

Whole Grains, such as:
Oatmeal, Bulgur
Canned Beans
Dry goods (Upgrade):
Canned chiles (pickled jalapenos, chipotles in adobo)
Jarred anchovies
Tomato paste
Bread crumbs

All-Purpose Flour
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Sugar (White & Brown)
Vanilla extract
Chocolate Chips

The Right Tool for the Right Job
A well-equipped kitchen makes cooking easier and more fun. Get our recommendations for:

When you're buying a knife, the most important thing is how it feels in your hand. If you're particularly enamored of a certain style of grip, then buying a block is your best option; if you prefer a different grip for different styles of knife, then purchase your knives individually.

Paring knife
Serrated knife
Chef's knife (either French-style or Asian)
Carving/Slicing knife
Kitchen shears

Utensils and Equipment:
Utensil-wise, the kind of pans you have dictate the kind of utensils you should be using. Nonstick pans demand plastic utensils; wood and metal can be used on hard-anodized and stainless pans.

Cutting boards (ideally more than one)
Spoons (regular, slotted, and wooden)
Metal spatula (sometimes called a turner)
Rubber spatula
Can opener
Box grater
Rasp grater
Pepper mill
Vegetable peeler
Instant-read thermometer
Salad spinner

Small Electronics:
Blender (stick or countertop)
Food processor
Toaster or toaster oven
Slow cooker
Pressure cooker
Mixer, handheld or stand
Baker's Goods:

If baking is your passion, consider adding the following:
Two (9-inch) cake pans
Mixing bowls
Measuring cups and spoons
Cookie sheets (both rimmed and flat)
Cooling rack
Springform pan
Pastry brush
Rolling pin
Loaf pan
Pie pan
Removable-bottom tart pan

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Re: Eberron
This tavern was like any other in Halagard; bright with permanent daylight spells, filled with the boisterous laughter and the cheerful chatter of its inebriated patrons. Human, Elf and Half-Elf serving girls took orders here and Unseen Servants delivered hot food, sparkling wine glasses and overflowing mugs to tables jammed with waiting patrons. The tavern is packed to max capacity and you are seated at a table with strangers and perhaps an acquaintance or two. The tables are round and large enough to comfortably accommodate ten patrons, with a rotating glass server forming an inner circle where the meals and beverages are placed by the Unseen Servants who deliver them. Light breezy music hums in the background. It is a relaxing melody filled with woodwind and stringed instruments in the foreground and light percussions in background. No real band played, but rather magic had been employed in its creation. Conjuration was the speciality of many Wizards in this city and its influence could be seen any and every where.

An ethereal menu hovers before you in the very centre of table. It is light and varied with a mixture of dishes featuring local seafood, fruits and livestock as well as a few delicacies. It was complete with an excellent yet affordable wine selection. Although there are few bottles on the wine list with prices must surely be some jest by innkeeper to illicit an amused chuckle from the patrons. The service is surprisingly good with food being delivered so quickly that one would think the chefs conjured up the food instead of cooking it. But The Unseen Innkeep was aptly names as the Inkeeper was not in evidence. The serving girls took all orders including those for room and bored. They saw to needs of the patrons each seemed to oversee a small horde conjured servants in large open common room that was large enough to accommodate twenty tables with room to dance in the centre.

A fat man in his middle years seated beside a younger man with less bulk but is obviously related to elder smiles around the table. He slaps the younger man on the back and exclaims;

My son has just been accepted as an apprentice to Elder Eledric Omanrys himself! Help us celebrate this auspicious occasion! You there; servant girl come and tale our order… yes two Amphorae of… 12 year old Haelru Platinum Seal and two of 42 year old Vulcan Red if you will. Thank you. He introduces himself as Bartholomew Thorpeson and his son Rafael during the few moments it takes the wine to arrive. He pours ten glasses, places them onthe server and then spins it so that each of yu may take one as they pass and then hoists toats and a cheer for his fortunate son.

Come drink! Drink

The Unseen Menu
Wine*, Third Tier                      Cost
Kippya's Temple Nectar (white)         5 cp
Satyr's Delight (rose)                 3 cp
Vulcan Red (red)                       2 cp

Wine*, Second Tier                     Cost
Haelru Gold Seal (white)               4 sp
The Gorgon's Eyebite (rose)            2 sp
Vulcan Fury (red)                      1 sp

Wine*, First Tier                      Cost
Haelru Platinum Seal (white)           3 gp
Satyr's Rose (rose)                    3 gp
Vulcan Rage (red)                      1 gp

Wine*, Private Reserve                 Cost
Haelru Gold Seal (31 years old)        16 gp
Haelru Gold Seal (31 years old)        45 gp
Haelru Platinum Seal (12 years old)    21 gp
Erinyes Ambrosia (234 years old)       100 gp
Praetorian Cellar(1400 years old)      900 gp
Vulcan Fury (42 years old)             30 gp
Vulcan Rage (15 years old)             32 gp

Other Beverages                        Cost
Goat Milk                              2 cp
Cow Milk                               3 cp
Olive Oil                              4 cp
Haelru Sparkling Ale                   5 cp

Food, Soups and Stews                  Cost
Dried Dates                            1 cp
Fish Stew                              2 cp
Fish Stew, with shrimp                 3 cp
Fish Stew, with lobster                4 cp
Fish Stew, with shrimp & lobster       5 cp
Conch Soup                             6 cp
Fruit platter                          3 cp
Grilled fish                           4 sp
Lamp Tripe                             5 sp
Olives                                 2 sp
Pecan Cakes                            5 cp
Pita Bread                             2 cp
Noodles                                1 sp
Preserved Fish                         1 cp
Radish Cakes                           4 cp
Roasted goat hocks                     2 sp
Roasted Sheep legs                     3 sp
Sour Plums                             7 cp

* Wine is typically served in an increment called a "glass" which equals one and a half pints. A carafe contains five pints of wine and costs three times as much as a glass of the same type; a small crystal amphora contains approximately 20 pints and costs six times as much as a glass of the same type. Amphorae are coloured according to the type of wine and the winery from which they come, so that the different types of wine and their respective prices are easily identifiable. Larger amphorae are used for transporting the wine and never for serving it.