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Tue 17 Jan 2006
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I will update this post regularly as characters/players earn XP.  A complete listing of how and why your character earned XP will be here along with your current total.  It is up to you as players to check this post for awards and to then update your character sheets with the new total.  I will try to calculate Roleplay and Posting XP on or close to each Monday.

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Wed 15 Feb 2006
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Posting Milestones
A play by post game such as this faces many hurdles if it is to be successful.  The old saying about how its too easy to take your dice and go home is even more true in this format where you need not even do that.  Posts, especially quality ones are the lifeblood of a game in this format.  Here's a listing of the celebrated milestones for this game.

1 01/10/2006
500 02/14/2006
1000 04/07/2006
1500 06/16/2006
2000 08/15/2006
2500 10/10/2006
3000 12/26/2006

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