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Mon 22 May 2006
at 03:38
Darwin Amblecrown - The Propogation of Power
Kythorn 29, 1373DR

Darwin's efforts to unlock the shell had been thus far in vain.  But one full day remained for him to unlock the secret, gain the item as his, and hopefully impress Eloranth in the process.  More likely than impressing her he would not disappoint her for she had made it clear she expected great things from the young Amblecrown.  The day had been exhausting and once again nearly fatal and his straw-stuffed matress whispered an irresistable lullaby in his ear and he was soon asleep.

Darwin's sleep was deep and dreamless that night.  Even the ferocious storm that shook the inn and split three trees in town with its lightning failed to rouse the intrepid wizard even once.  The crowing of a rooster finally awakened him to a new day.

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