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Destiny's Crew and Passengers

GM: Into the Black
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Kale Galway: The captain of Destiny and a former Independent. Kale treats his crew like his family and always tries to do right by them.  Sometimes a little too trusting Kale believes there's still some good in the 'Verse.Captain
Rhaef Sorandash: A man with a dark past, Rhaef has been Kale's right hand man since they started flying.  Although he's very intelligent and good with a gun when he's around things seem to have a way of not going smooth.First Mate
Charlene Bourdain: Handy with machines Charlie is the mechanic on board Moirai.  A fitting position as she tends to be the heart and soul of any ship she travels on.Mechanic
Dake Collins: A hot shot pilot from Santo Dake found himself laughed off the race tracks and struggling to find work out in the 'Verse.  A bit of a heartbreaker Dake's a fun guy to have around.Pilot
Geoff Wolfe: A giant of a man Geoff's heart is in the right place.  He's a great shot and knows how to get things done although he's perhaps a bit too fond of the drink.Hired Gun
Kyoko Monroe: Graceful and beautiful Kyoko is easily one of the most coveted companions.  Coming from a wealthy background Kyoko does what she can to help the crew of Destiny.Companion
Wei-Li Latrans: Upbeat and slightly mischievous this talented woman used to be a performer and thief on Paquin.  Now she lends her considerable skills to the crew of Destiny.Thief
Lei: An extremely intelligent young girl with a troubling past.  Lei was raised in a medical facility, only recently rescued by the crew of Destiny.  Bright and inquisitive she is slowly coming into her own.Passenger

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Geoff Wolfe
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Sun 1 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Geoff Wolfe
Age: 23
Position: Hired Gun
Allegiance: Could care less
Physical Description: Geoff is a largely built young man, standing at about 6'4" and weighing a muscular 235 lbs, with a roughly handsome face and a ready smile. Most of his body mass is muscle and this makes him quite the imposing figure sometimes, as well as making him ideal for the type of criminal lifestyle he has adopted. His sandy brown hair is usually left wild and unkempt and he always has a bit of stubble on his face. His eyes are an icy blue that can seem cold and distant one moment and full of laughter and good-humor the next. The eyes are usually obscured, however, by the half-lidded gaze he usually walks around with, almost as if he is almost about to nod off and go to sleep at all times. His clothes are nothing fancy, since he likes to keep things simple and really can't afford the good stuff anyway.
Personality: Geoff is care-free and easy-going. He doesn't let a lot bother him and he'd rather just laugh off problems than get worried about them. All in all, he has a very relaxed view on life and takes very little seriously. Due to his rough upbringing, he also has a bit of a hard and dangerous side to him, but he doesn't show it often. He is a bit on the violent side, however, but mostly out of enjoyment of fighting than anything else
History: Geoff was orphaned at a young age and learned to take care of himself very quickly because of that. He made his way through life stealing, mugging and fighting for every penny and every scrap of food he ever had. It was a hard life, but it was also one that he learned to accept with a laugh and a smile. He wasn't about to become one of those bitter and hard street thugs that end up dying in back alleys and never knowing anything better than their own small planet and the small colony upon it. No, Geoff was gonna be better than that. At least, that's what he always wanted.
Eventually, through many years of scrimping, saving and stealing, Geoff was able to get off the small rim planet that was his home when he was 15 by paying his way onto a small ship hauling supplies. It wasn't anything big and fancy, but it was enough for Geoff. After that, Geoff spent most of his time moving from planet to planet, seeing sights and people new and wondrous to him and working hard to pay for passage. Whether he did it legally or otherwise, it didn't matter to Geoff. Of course, doing things illegally were getting harder and harder as the Alliance started cracking down on such activities. It was due to this that Geoff found himself getting very familiar with many different types of weaponry. He didn't necessarily like fighting, but, hey, it wasn't all that bad either! So that's how Geoff spent his time, moving from ship to ship, crew to crew, and fight to fight, always on the lookout for action, adventure, and a big piece of the profit!
Finding Destiny: Geoff's the new recruit.  While on Persephone Kale and Rheaf ended up in one of the cities seedier bars.  A fight soon broke out and by the end it was them and some tough kid against all the drunken hun dun the place had to offer.  Impressed with Geoff's fighting abilities Kale offered him a spot on the crew which he accepted.

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Kale Galway
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Sun 1 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Kale Galway
Age: 35
Position: Captain
Allegiance: Independent
Physical Description: Kale has short but messy dark brown hair and deep blue eyes that twinkle when he smiles or is angry.  He's the ruggedly handsome type.  He's a fairly large man standing about 6' tall and has a sturdy athletic build.  Normally Kale is dressed in a comfortable pair of black or brown pants, sturdy boots and a loose-fitting comfortable shirt, with his brown coat to top off the ensemble if it gets cold.
Personality: Kale is a tough guy.  Very strong, capable, and independent.  He knows how to handle himself, his ship, and his crew.  He believes the no one gets respect unless they earn it, but once he considers you family he's loyal to a fault.  He's the type of man who thinks quick on his feet and always has a plan, at times however he can be a bit impulsive.  He also can be a bit guarded when it comes to his personal life.  But he always appreciates a good laugh, drink, or conversation.
History: Kale grew up on Santo, a planet bordering Persophone.  His mother died when he was very young so his father raised him.  Abel Galway (his father) held no love for the Alliance and passed on his deep run hatred to his son.  He also taught Kale from a young age how to fend for himself, how to handle weapons, and how to fly a ship.  If Abel hadn't died a few short years before the Unification War broke out he would have been out on the front lines, as it was Kale took up with the Browncoats, swiftly rising through the ranks.  He learned a lot about combat, although he was never one to follow the rules too closely and so many times was not allowed the missions that he wanted because he was considered too reckless.  At the Battle of Serenity his troop was supposed to come in as reinforcements but he was ordered to hold his position.  He had to watch as the Independents suffered their most crushing defeat, unable to help although he felt that his troops could have made all the difference. He's never quite forgiven himself for not going in there anyway.  After the war he went back to Santo but found he no longer had a life there.  The only family he had ever known was gone.  So he bought himself Destiny, found it a crew, and took her out into the black.
Finding Destiny: Bought Destiny while on Persephone determined to make a new life for himself, be able to decide which orders he saw fit to follow, and to be a pain in the Alliance's ass.  Hired on Rheaf and Charlene as his first two crew members and eventually picked up more along the way.

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Rhaef Sorandash
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Mon 2 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Rhaef Sorandash
Age: 27
Position: First Mate
Allegiance: Could Care less.
Physical Description: Rhaef is about 6' tall, dark hair and eyes.  He is handsome, but not overly so.  His dark hair is somewhat unkept but in a meaningfully way.  His facial hair changes almost by the day, since it grows fairly swiftly.  He wears a smile easily as well as his ankle length charcoal gray trench coat.  The pistol on his hip is more for show than for fighting, though its seen some action.  His boots are black and come midway up his calf.  He is fit in build but again not overly tone, nor does he let himself go.  His appearance is a representation of many of the things he has been taught through his years in the Hand.  He is average in many ways, so that he is easily lost in the crowd.  The only distinguishing feature, is a black tattoo that stretches from his shoulder to wrist depicting black flames licking at his skin.  It was a comprimise to maintain his anonymity.  Had he gone through the typical process of initiation into the guild of the Burnt-Hand, he would have just that, a right hand charred permanently grey.
Personality: Rhaef is an intelligent man who can sometimes come off as cold and calculated. He tends to be a bit abrasive, his wit is sharp and cutting, and he uses it to test those around him.  He is a 'button pusher', someone who likes to see how far he can push someone before they reach the edge.  He is brutally honest.  The feelings of those around him aren't necessarily always a concern to him.
History: Rhaef was born on New Canaan, where his family were bootleggers for the Burnt-Hands, an unsavory organization who controlled much of the liquor transported offworld, as well as other interests on other planets in the 'verse.  He had worked the family distillery, transporting to the ports and back to the farm since he was old enough to reach the controls of the rig.  Rhaef was 11 when he first left.  At that point the Sorandashes were approached by the Gr'Atow Syndicate and forced to hand over a shipment meant for Ezra.  The Burnt-Hands were not happy and took the boy as insurance that it wouldn't happen again.  After several months in captivity, the boy was trained to be a spy for the Hand, using the unsuspecting child to eavesdrop on important conversations, steal artifacts, or whatever they deemed necessary.  Rhaef was groomed as an underboss to Menon Curio, a man who looked after Rhaef.  Rhaef learned how to pilot ships, infiltrate computer systems, and disguise himself through his years with the Hand, as well as observation skills and skills of a darker nature.
He really doesn't remember much of his family on New Canaan, or the circumstances which he came into being with the Hand.  He was told his parents tried to sell him to slavers, but Curio took him instead.  Rhaef had great respect for Curio.  That was until he returned from Persephone one evening to find him dead, strangled in his armchair.  Menon's personal guards soon came in, and after an unsuccessful attempt to explain himself, and the shootout that followed, Sorandash managed to escape.  He is now on the run from the Burnt Hand, looking for who killed Curio.
Finding Destiny: Rhaef was one of the first members of Destiny's crew.  Originally hired on as pilot back three years ago when Kale bought Destiny, his job was then handed over to Ren and he took on the position of first mate.

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Charlene Bourdain
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Mon 2 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Charlene "Charlie" Bourdain
Age: 27
Position: Mechanic
Allegiance: to the boat (The Destiny)
Physical Description:  Charlie stands around five-and-a-half, with dark brown hair and eyes to match.  It's hard to make out whether her frame has curves or not, as she keeps herself generally wrapped in layers covered in bits of grease or anything else.  She doesn't seem to be hiding her frame or meek, but in the depths of space on the ship, doesn't feel the need to dress sleek when she's spending more time working on an engine than anything.
Personality:  If you're raised in a family of seven brothers and sisters, you either speak up or you're never heard.  Some people in this situation would end up being the loudest people you've ever met.  The other kind, of course, end up being quiet and used to not being noticed.  This is how Charlie ended up.  While no one would call her antisocial, she's generally rather quiet and doesn't speak up unless spoken to or has something important to say.
History:  Charlie was raised on Whitefall in a big family of settlers, within a big family of her own.  She has three older brothers, two younger sisters and a younger brother.  The community as a whole was the type that looked out for one another, and anywhere you could help, that was where you were needed.  Two of her older brothers decided early on that they didn't want to become farmers and began learning to become engineers; Charlie, having them as her role models, followed along.
Years later, as the war began brewing, things on Whitefall slowly were becoming more and more hostile.  New faces were showing up everyday, settlers trying to move further from the core and the Alliance's control, even people who were avoided being recruited by either side.  Ships were literally landing every day, coming down to the surface and spreading out crews.  When it looked like the fighting was going to reach their small backwater planet, Charlie took her initiative to find a crew and join on, and to not be dragged into a war that she didn't want to fight for.
Finding Destiny: Charlie was one of the very original members to the crew.  Back two years ago when Kale first purchased Destiny she was hired as the ships mechanic and has been there ever since.
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Sun 8 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Lei   ((Family name unknown))
Age: Approx 13-14
Position: Passenger
Allegiance: Ignorant.
Physical Description: Lei is a very slightly built asian girl with unkempt neck length black hair and dark brown eyes. She stands around 5'2" tall, and weighs a mere 92lb. She has a barcode tattooed on the inside of her left forearm, with the number 87 tattooed below it. A number of old scars are evident on both wrists above the vein. She is currently dressed in slightly grubby white cotton pants and shirt.
Personality: Lei is extremely introverted and withdrawn. She doesn't like talking, and will often reply to people with monosyllabic answers. She is quite innocent of the ways of the world, and has no real understanding of social interactions. When she doesn't have to deal with people she can be quite curious, and will quite happily take something apart just to see how it works.
History: Lei came onto the Destiny packaged as cargo, from the planet Valon. Little else is known about her.
Finding Destiny: Lei was actually stowed as cargo in a crate brought on board Destiny.

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Wei-Li Latrans
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Sun 15 Jan 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Wei-li Latrans
Age: 24
Position: Passenger/Employer
Allegiance: Independant
Physical Description: Wei-li is thin and compact - to look at her you wouldn't think she could be very threatening, and she works very hard to keep that impression.  She is small and wirey, able to get into small places.
Personality: If Wei-li were an animal, she'd be a ferret - Happy, always doing something, always willing to cause mischief with her friends.  And a slight problem with bright shiney objects.
History: The Latrans are known for two things - engineering and theft, and we are not talking about petty theivery here-- we are talking high end, high tech theft of information, rare peices of art and jewels.
Wei-li's father was the family's designer, mechanic and engineer, and he taught his craft to his only daughter Wei-li.  Childhood games involved playing cops and robbers, where no one wanted to play the police.
She was trained from an early age the physical skills to be a cat-burgler. Her physical control and capabilities make her a good acrobat.
After many run ins with the Alliance her family was 'contained' on most planets.  Her family got away by focusing on mechanics, but Wei-li still has a weakness for 'pretty sparkely things'
She is TRYING to be good, and follow the legitimate side of the family but still...
Finding Destiny: Wei-Li originally hired Destiny on Paquin to take her out to crystal harvesting machines in the black. She was extremely helpful when Kyron - a convict unknown to the crew of Destiny - tried to take over the ship and has remained on with Destiny since then.

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Dake Collins
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Tue 5 Dec 2006
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name:  Dake Alexander Collins “DC”
Age: 26
Position: Pilot
Allegiance: Independent
Physical Description: When Dake is not wearing a racing ball cap, his  hair is usually spiked with gel because that is the quickest and easiest way to style his hair.  He prefers cargo pants and racing T-shirts, but enjoys any chance he gets to dress up and go out on the town.
Personality: He is well spoken, somewhat of a hot head, and very competitive.  He has a tendency to rush into relationships, but a lack of focus can make people think he is shallow and doesn’t really care.  Those who get to know him know he is scatter-brained but genuine, and holds onto his friendships fiercely.
As a pilot he is good with the electronics and computers of a ship, but miserable with the actual mechanical workings that keep the ship in the air.  He is always willing to help out in those areas, but usually is relegated to cleaning once the mechanic understands just how much he sucks at mechanics.
History: Dake grew up in a small town on Santo.  He was the middle child (two older brothers and two younger twin sisters).  His family owns a resturant on Santo.  Growing up Dake idolized Nate (his older brother) and his best friend Kale.  They were always pushing each other to new daring stunts, and reveled in living.  Dake wanted to be just like them, and tagged along whenever he could.  He tagged along until as the ultimate challenge, Nate and Kale joined the armed forces.  They both believed in the freedom behind the Browncoat cause, and left Dake behind.
   Dake followed the war and wrote Nate religiously, and he will always remember running out for the mail and instead finding Kale.  Kale stopped Dake and explained that Nate had died.  Nate couldn’t believe it.  His hero was dead.   He cried and ran from Kale.  He could not let him see the tears that were streaming down his face.
   He tried many times to go see Kale, to tell him that he was sorry.  He just couldn’t make his feet move.  Kale was too much of a reminder of his brother, and the pain was too much.  After the funeral, Kale left again.  Dake gave him a hug at the funeral, but couldn’t bring himself to say anything.
   After Kale left, he had to find something to fill the hole in his heart.  He was invited to the races by a friend, and that is when he fell in love.  He decided he had to be a racer, and set out to get behind the wheel.
   Dake was the king of the Skiff racing circuit Santo for two years before Dake’s Mistake as the media dubbed it.  They were 10 laps into a 30 lap race with Dake in the lead with Zachary Meyer a skiff length back.  They were both pushing hard entering turn three when Zach’s wing dipped slightly.  It looked like he recovered for a moment, but then the skiff spun out of control and tumble into the ground leaving a trail of debris behind it.
   Dake saw him disappear from his mirror, and figured Zach had spun out.  Smiling, he kept the engines racing and finished without another skiff in sight.  The win gave him the title that year, and he was ecstatic.  Every newspaper and newscast had pictures of him pumping his hand in the air and spraying the crowd with champaign.
   The normal SSRA investigation found signs of tampering on Zach’s skiff.  Further investigation turned up evidence that the tampering had been done from Dake’s racing camp.  Immediately, the media sensationalized the competition between Zach and Dake, and Dake was crucified in the news as a jealous, and someone who would kill for a championship.  They had no proof, but the media didn’t need any.  Dake himself always suspected his crew chief, because he would kill for a win.  He was afraid the competition between Dake and Zach would cut into the profits Dake was bringing in.  Dake could never prove it, and the media coverage caused the owner to fire Dake to avoid any further damage.  Dake was stripped of his title, and banished from ever holding the title again.
   Soon the negative media campaign started to affect his family and the family business.  After a dozen vandalisms, his father had had enough.  He asked Dake to leave, and take the negative attention with him.
At first Dake was angry, but then he realized in one stroke he could save his family any hardship.  He took the voluntary exile and has not returned home.  Since his departure, he has worked odd flying jobs, and is currently working a short range transport on ________ transporting goods and passengers between the planet and the moons.  The transport is an old Firefly class that has had it’s pulse drive removed and passenger space added.  It is old and slow, but it is home for Dake, and he plans on leave just as soon as they shove him out of an airlock.
   In his current job, he rarely has contact with the public, and has started going by DC instead of Dake as a further way of keeping his anonymity.  Anyone who does recognize him gets a courteous greeting and an autograph if they want it, but DC retreats as soon as he can away from any reminder of the horrible event.
Kyoko Monroe
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Tue 16 Oct 2007
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Re: Destiny's Crew
Name: Kyoko Monroe
Age: 22
Position: Passenger
Allegiance: Alliance, but more over, The Companion’s Guild

Physical Description: Kyoko is a tall and curvaceous woman, her body toned, but not overly so. Her hair is a natural blonde and her skin a creamy white. Her eyes are blue and she weighs about 120 lbs, standing at 5’7”.  It is extremely obvious the woman takes immaculate care of herself, despite spending much of her time in the black.

Personality: Kyoko is a quiet, if not headstrong woman. Having been trained to be a companion from a very early age, Kyoko is well versed in the etiquette and social graces of almost every Core world and several non-Core worlds as well. She will never, ever admit it, but there are times when she considers herself a cut above those she travels with due to her outstanding education and other modes of conduct taught to her as a companion. She has experience, albeit very minor, in medicine and piloting.

History:  Kyoko was born aboard the Destiny, long before Kale knew it ever existed. Kyoko was raised all her life as someone elite. Her parents, before their tragic shuttle crash on Aerial, had done their very best to ensure that Kyoko had only the best as far as her upbringing was concerned. Once her parents were dead, Kyoko was brought into the fold of the Companion’s guild, where her upbringing and education were cared for. All the while, a close family friend , Alec Quilin, ensured Kyoko’s education and training were set for her to become a top tier companion, and that her family’s massive wealth stayed invested and growing. (Kyoko was an only child, and being such, the family estate was left to her, or rather, left in trust with the promise it would become hers once she matured and graduated into becoming a fully fledged companion.)

Upon the Guild allowing Kyoko to decentralize herself and begin to build a clientele roster of her own, Kyoko traveled the Core worlds. Although her services were in demand inside the Core planets, Kyoko found that several outer rim worlds never seemed to call upon her. Curiosity overtook her, and she traveled there in a tourist capacity. Instead of backwards hicks that she’d expected, Kyoko had found men who were halfway decent…expecting that they were conditioned to low-grade whores with no social graces about them whatsoever. Upon discovering this, Kyoko realized that to bring civility and stamp out such low quality competition, she’d have to establish herself and the reputation of the Guild in the outer rim so that clients will call upon the vastly better services of trained and registered Companions. However, one major problem Kyoko faced was the fact that traveling individually to Outer Rim worlds was not profitable if one was based in the Guild. That is where Destiny came back into her life…

Finding Destiny: Kyoko sought passage aboard Destiny five months ago upon deciding a roaming vessel was the best way conduct business in the Outer Rims. Believing it to be some sort of sign, Kyoko got in touch with one, Captain Kale Galeway and made the proper arrangements. In addition to plying her trade, Kyoko collects studied information on each world she visits client on for further use by the Guild.

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