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Other Characters in the 'Verse
All the crazy characters Destiny meets while out in the black.

Cortez: A rival of Badger's living on Persophone.  The Destiny crew goes through him sometimes to find work.  He's of Hispanic descent and most people think he's slightly insane, definitely not a cuddly guy.  Cortez normally has a huge knife hanging at his side.Alive, on Persephone
Statton Bosik: A business man from Valon.  He is very intelligent and reserved.  He commissioned Destiny to transport a crate for him which turned out to contain three young children.  Little else is known.Alive, on Valon
Tate: Tate, age 10, boarded Destiny as a piece of cargo from the planet Valon.  Having spent his entire life is some top secret facility on the planet he knew nothing about the world.  But he was a curious boy, and sought to learn what he could.  Fiercely loyal to those he befriends and with a slight violent streak Tate was shot down on Londinium when he attempted to save Geoff's life.Deceased
Sephone: Sephone, age 8, also arrived on Destiny as cargo from Valon.  She grew up in a secret facility on the planet but was not as lucky as the other two children.  The experiments which they preformed on the sweet and soft spoken girl had gravely affected her health.  She was extremely sick when brought on board and died in the infirmary shortly before the crew picked up the antibody for the virus.Deceased
Cecily Porter: A young woman from Paquin.  She is a client of the Companion Kyoko Monroe.  Living her life heavily surpressed by her father she seeks love, compassion and a repreve from her lonely existence.  A very well-bred, beautiful, and intelligent lady she is now one of Kyoko's regular clients.Alive, on Paquin
Kyron Bates: Kyron Bates, otherwise known as Datton Corg, was a con artist who sought passage on Destiny to get off Persephone after pulling his biggest job yet. He fancied himself to be something of a gentleman but his true colors were revealed when the crew of Destiny discovered his real identity and he tried to hijack the ship.  Luckily, Wei-Li and Charlie saved the day and one bullet wound later Kyron found himself in custody on Osiris.Alive, in custody on Osiris
Alec Quinlin: Alec is a close family friend of the Monroe's on Osiris.  After the death of Mr. Monroe and his wife, and in the absence of their only daughter, Kyoko Monroe, Alec looks after the family assets and is completely loyal to them.  He is a perfect gentleman and would gladly do anything to be of help to the last remaining Monroe.Alive, on Osiris
Mr. Brently Caddigan: Mr. Caddigan was the previous owner of Destiny, then known as The Sparkler.  He is an extremely wealthy and prestigious man living on Osiris and has made his fortune in pharmacueticals.  He has two daughters which he completely dotes on and holds honor of extremely high value.Alive, on Osiris
Nadia Caddigan: The extremely plain but eccentric daughter of Mr. Brently Caddigan.  What Nadia lacks in looks she makes up for in personality.  Used to being easily overlooked and endlessly bored with the life she leads Nadia takes pleasure in sometimes doing the outrageous.  It was her idea to purchase Destiny (long before Kale had bought it) and named in The Sparkler because she found the name hideous.  Through her Kale was able to get Destiny back while on Osiris.Alive, on Osiris
Larry Ducket: Larry is a very prominent member of The Burnt Hand.  After Rhaef's disappearance he stepped up as the golden boy ... however, he will never quite measure up - and deep down he knows this.  Larry is also a member of a secret organization founded by Curio, Rhaef's mentor and a man believed long since dead.Alive, in hiding
Professor Walton Squire:Walton Squire was a professor on Santo.  During the one brief year in which Kale attended school, Squire's was the only professor which Kale related to.  The two of them formed a very special bond.  When war broke out Squire's supported the Independents quite openly, a view that cost him his job among other things.  Squire's was a accused of coercing the students of the university into turning against the Alliance.  In truth he had done no such thing, he merely encouraged them to think for themselves, get all the facts and make up their own minds about the war the brewing.  After losing his job, his possessions and basically his entire life Squire's traveled the 'Verse for a time before finally settling on Regina.  Kale and him have retained their friendship over the years and Destiny often seeks shelter at the professors home.Alive, on Regina
Kendra Whelan: Kendra boarded Destiny on Persephone as a passenger, her destination being anywhere but there.  Unknown to the crew she was actually a woman by the name of Amber Wheat - a deserter from the Alliance military.  When in the detention cell on Osiris her secret was discovered and she was taken into custody.  Kyoko is still trying to help her with the funding to clear her name.Alive, in custody on Osiris
David William: David is the founder of the prominent company William and Banks.  This company appears to be perfectly legit - but in actuality they are a huge illegal priceless artifacts firm.  They get the priceless for the infinitly rich.  He hired Sophia on to steal the stamp from the Gallery D'Arte but betrayed her in the end.Alive, on Athens
Sophia Marquez: Sophia Marquez is a criminal mastermind.  She is sexy, agile, quick, smart and determined.  She is also all about getting paid.  The crew of Destiny ran into her while stealing the Professors stamp from the Gallery D'Arte - a stamp that she was also commissioned to steal.  After a brief fight with Kale, Sophia managed to get away with the priceless artifact only to be betrayed by those who had hired her.  So she took the stamp and returned to Destiny - she offered to give them the stamp in return for 50% of the profits ... what she didn't know was that there were none.  After a brief flight aboard Destiny, and a rather heated conversation with Kale where an obvious love/hate relationship was born and Kale stole the stamp back, the crew arrived on Athens where Sophia found out that she'd been played.Alive, whereabouts unknown
Ilan Close: Ilan used to be a officer of the law back on Whitefall until his reputation was ruined and he turned bounty hunter ... he also happens to be Charlie's husband.  The two of them were married before Charlie joined the crew of Destiny - something that no one on the crew knows and a past the Charlie has been running from ever since.Alive, whereabouts unknown
Reiner Harrison: Reiner Harrison, known as Ren to the crew of Destiny, was the ships pilot and a member of Destiny's family almost since Kale first started flying.  He was fun loving and always knew how to make the people around him feel better, he was also an amazing pilot and had gotten the crew out of more then a few jams over the years.  While aboard Destiny he met and fell in love with the ships doctor Acacia Keese and the two were meant to be married - however during a Reaver attack on Torrance Station Ren gave his life to help the crew escape alive.  He will be dearly missed ...Deceased
Acacia Keese: Acacia Keese was born on the core and was a well educated doctor.  She joined the crew of Destiny when out in the 'verse trying to make a difference and rapidly became a member of the family.  She fell in love and was engaged to be married to the crews pilot, Ren ... that dream was dashed however on Torrance Station where Ren died leaving Acacia alone.  The ship held too many memories for her and she couldn't bear to stay on without Ren so the crew dropped her off on Osiris where she could pursue a new destiny.Alive, on Osiris
Mr. Brently Caddigan: Mr. Caddigan was the previous owner of Destiny, then known as The Sparkler.  He is an extremely wealthy and prestigious man living on Osiris and has made his fortune in pharmacueticals.  He has two daughters which he completely dotes on and holds honor of extremely high value.Alive, on Osiris
Diego Montoya: Diego Montoya lived and did business aboard Torrance Station.  He was a friend of the crew and it was he that they had traveled to the station to meet in order to receive a job.  When the Reavers boarded the station Diego made a valiant effort to help get Geoff and Wei-Li back to Destiny.  In the end he destroyed the station, along with himself, so that Destiny could make it away safely.Deceased
Reavers: Some people believe that they were once men who reached the edge of space and went mad ... others believe they aren't really men at all.  Whatever they are they are ruthless, violent, and killers.  Reavers are the things of nightmares.  They board a ship or enter a town, rape the people to death, eat their flesh, and then sew it into their clothing - and if the people are very, very lucky ... they do it in that order.

Destiny encountered Reavers while on board Torrance Station and lost their pilot, Ren, during the fight that followed.  They were lucky to escape alive.
Alive, on the edges of the 'Verse
Curio: Curio was once the leader of the Burnt Hand, a powerful and wide spread criminal organization.  For years he was one of the most powerful men in the underworld and it was he that took in young Rhaef when he was just a boy and taught him much of what he knows.  It was also he that was responsible for making Rhaef into the monster that he has spent much of his adult life trying to run from.

At his peak the other influential members of the Burnt Hand decided that Curio was gaining far too much power, so they planned to have him assassinated.  Curio discovered this plan and faked his own death and framing Rhaef for it.  The framing was in actuality an attempt to save Rhaef's life - he knew at the time it was the only way to make sure that Rhaef ran far, far away from the Burnt Hand and never looked back.  He knew that Rhaef was next up on the chopping block after he was dealt with since he had been his right hand man, the Black Hand, for years.

After faking his death Curio bid his time, slowly building a new organization of those still loyal to him and secretly infiltrating the Burnt Hand with men like Larry.  He was the one who organized the operation at the Grand Yacht Party to take down the Burnt Hand and land his own organization with the funding they needed.  He also arranged for Rhaef's kidnapping and made an elaborate plan to bring Rhaef back into his fold.  This failed and resulted in Curio's own death at Kale's hand when he threatened the lives of the crew of Destiny.
Connor O'Sullivan: Connor first met the crew of Destiny when Professor Squire recommended his services during their museum job.  Connor is a very skilled hacker and technical genius.  He assisted Destiny in successfully infiltrating the museum and retrieving the stamp.  After that job Kale offered him a spot on the crew which he accepted.  However, after the Reaver attak on Torrance Station and the rescue mission on Beaumonde Connor decided that he was not ready to be a member of the crew of Destiny.  He parted ways with the crew when they landed on Santo.  The crew hopes to one day work with him again.Alive, on Athens

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