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Episode Index
Here lies a synopsis for each of Destiny's thrilling adventures!

Episode 1: Destiny
Episode 2: Revelations
Episode 3: Far From Home
Episode 4: The Price You Pay
Episode 5: Dead End
Episode 6: The Black Hand
Episode 7: Curtain Call

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 01: Destiny
Air Date:  December 31st, 2005

Guest Stars:
Statton Bosik
Tate (deceased)
Sephone (deceased)

Planets Visited:

The crew of Destiny took a highly secretive job from Cortez, an arms dealer who lives on Persephone, to transport a crate from one planet to another - no questions asked.  While on Persephone, Kyron Bates and Kendra Whelan boarded Destiny as passengers, and Geoff Wolfe joined as a member of the permanent crew.

The ship flew to Valon, where Kale and Rhaef picked up a large crate from a secretive man by the name of Statton Bosik.  Although this deal went smooth Geoff, Kyron, and Kendra's venture into Harsdale to get what supplies the crew needed did not.  Kyron's 'charming' personality soon resulted in a shoot out in which Geoff shot the town sheriff and the crew was forced to make a quick getaway.  Kale was minorly injured.

All seemed well until several hours from the surface of Valon, it was discovered that there was something alive in the crate that Destiny was smuggling to Londinium.  When it was broken into, three children were discovered inside (Lei, Tate, and Sephone), all being incubated as their quarry.  The children were immediately freed of their bondings and taken aboard, to be looked after.  What was unknown was that these children carried an unknown virus that was spread throughout the ship.

Charlene was affected by the virus first, given an uncontrollable fever.  Acacia followed shortly thereafter, leaving the two mostly incapacitated.  Being in dire need of a mechanic and a doctor, however, Charlie eventually took a steroid solution that allowed her to continue working, despite the reprecussive side-effects and Acacia an overdose of Ibuprofen.

Enforcing a quarantine, Kale landed the ship on Londinium with intentions of trading off the crate they had been smuggling for a vaccine to the epidemic.  Geoff was sent on his own to do the trade, but the crew of the Destiny was double crossed, and violence broke out.  In this scuffle, Tate was shot by one of the attacking men.  At almost the same moment, Sephone went into cardiac arrest in the Infirmary, dying as well.

As it stood, Destiny escaped.  They had retrieved the medical supplies, Bosik's contact was left with an empty box, and Destiny had a new person on board...

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 02: Revelations
Air Date: January 12th, 2006

Guest Stars:
Cecily Porter

Planets Visted:

After their escape from Londinium the crew of Destiny set down on Paquin, the gypsy planet, to allow the vaccine time to heal the sick.  But as usual money was tight, and time came for them to get back out into the black.  During a night out Kale, Geoff, Charlie, and Acacia encountered the talented Wei-Li Latran - who just happened to be looking for a ship to assist her.

Kale met with the young woman and set up a job for them to transport her to various low grav/no grav crystal harvesting units scattered throughout the 'verse.  The crew of Destiny accepted Wei-Li upon their boat, but not without Kale and Rhaef keeping a close eye on her.  Making sure that none of the Latran's famous theiving tendencies surfaced.

But when they reached the first location it was discovered that her replacement units were non-functional.  While she worked on fixing them in the shuttle Ren picked up an interesting wave on the cortex.  Kyron Bates, the core-world hun dun who had been a pain in everyone's side from day one, was actually a wanted fugitive by the name of Datton Corg.  However, this discovery was made too late.  Before the crew had time to act on the knowledge Kyron had taken Acacia hostage, forced Ren to fly the ship, locked Charlie in the engine room and shipped the rest of the crew off into the black in the tampered shuttle and proceeded to hi-jack Destiny.

Wei-Li however, believed to be knocked out and on board the shuttle with the others had escaped.  She let Charlie out of the engine room and the two women took up arms to confront Kyron.  When they revealed themselves Kyron panicked and shot Wei-Li in the stomach which resulted in Charlie shooting him.

By using the beacons on the units that Wei-Li had left in the shuttle Destiny was able to find their stranded crew and save the day.  But now they had on board and wounded, tied up fugitive, a first mate with a gun wound to the leg, and an employer shot in the stomach.  Destiny needed medical attention ... so they went to Orisis.

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 03: Far From Home
Air Date: January 29th, 2006

Guest Stars:
Alec Quinlin
Srg. Davis
Larry Ducket
Mr. Brently Caddigan
Nadia Caddigan

Planets Visited:

Due to Wei-Li's critical condition and Destiny's lack of the appropriate medical supplies Kale directed the ship to the nearest hospital ... on Osiris.  He quickly sent Lei and Kyoko away on Kyoko's shuttle as the authorities directed Destiny not to the medical sector - but the judicial sector.  As soon as the crew landed they were boarded by the Feds and taken into custody.  It turned out that Kale had purchased a stolen ship.  Destiny legally belonged to a Mr. Brently Caddigan

Wei-Li and Rhaef were rushed to the Capitol City Hospital, Kendra was facing a court marshal for desertion, and the rest of the crew found themselves facing interrogation.  While in the detention center Ren and Acacia finally revealed their feelings for each other to the rest of the crew.  Thanks to Kyoko's connections on the planet they were soon released.  They returned back to her pent house to discover that Lei, who had been left behind during Kyoko's trip to the detention center, had gone missing.  Charlie and Geoff were sent to look for the girl, while Kale and Kyoko prepared to attend the social event of the season - The Grand Yacht Party.  All the most rich, famous and powerful people would be in attendance ... and this included Mr. Caddigan.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Rhaef and Wei-Li made their escape and were soon out on the streets of Osiris.  They were being looked for however so Rhaef took them to the only place he knew of to go.  The Burnt Hand headquarters on Osiris.

By this time a security camera had spotted Lei as she made her way through the streets of Osiris and soon Blue Sun Corporation had sent out an alert on the girl.  Lei ended up in one of Osiris's black out zones and was soon captured by none other then Rhaef's contact, Larry Ducket of the Burnt Hand.  She was tied up and Larry made a deal with Blue Sun to return her to them for a nice reward.

Rhaef and Wei-Li showed up then and were greeted somewhat hostilely by Larry.  Rhaef's demons resurfaced as the bargained his way into Larry setting up him and Wei-Li as dead.  Both were shocked to find that Lei was in Larry's custody and although Rhaef tried to get her back Larry would have none of it ... he had important business to attend to.

Meanwhile Kale and Kyoko had spent the day trying to prepare Kale for a night of fancy wining and dining ... and bargaining to get Destiny back.  They finally arrived at the Grand Yacht Party and began their attempts to speak with Mr. Caddigan and his two daughters.

Charlie and Geoff, following Lei's trail, arrived at The Burnt Hand headquarters after a wild police chase just after everyone else had left.  It was in the alleyway behind the building that they got the wave announcing that Rhaef and Wei-Li were pronounced dead (Larry's handy work at Rhaef's request.)  They were also given the impression that Lei had been murdered as well.  Struck with grief the two did the only thing they could - they went to find Kale, get Destiny back, and run away from the nightmare.

Rhaef and Wei-Li had not given up on Lei however, they followed Larry and the Hand in a taxi and soon found themselves outside the Grand Yacht Party as well.     Tonight the party was to be attacked, it would be the downfall of The Hand and the rise of Curio's new order.  Larry and his men moved in on the party leaving Lei lightly guarded back at the cars.

Charlie and Geoff arrived at the Grand Yacht Party but were not allowed inside - fortunately there was a truck full of liquor nearby.  Given the events of the day Geoff and Charlie certainly needed the "magical forgetting drink".  They soon were drowning themselves into oblivion.

Rhaef and Wei-Li tried to get Lei out - but after seeing the two of them talking with the 'bad men' Lei thought that they were bad as well so she ran away - not before delivering a very hard blow to Wei-Li's already injured stomach.  She quickly walked the moorings and climbed on board the boat where the party was taking place.

Meanwhile inside the party it looked as though both Kyoko and Kale had convinced  Mr. Caddigan and his charming, and eccentric daughter Nadia to work out a deal to get Destiny back ... as usual however, things never went smooth.  Just then the Hand burst into the party holding the screaming and frightened guests at gunpoint.

Geoff and Charlie, completely wasted by now, heard the shattering of glass and screams coming from the boat just as they noticed Lei climbing the mooring.  Geoff didn't hesitate.  In his drunken state he rushed on board and crashed the party.  His grand entrance consisted of shooting two men and envoking sheer pandimonium among the guests.  A firefight ensued where the crew of Destiny were again fighting for their lives.

Rhaef and Wei-Li, after ruining Larry's plans by shooting him and leaving him for dead on the pier crashed the party as well.  After the fire fight was said and done the crew escaped into the Osiris night ... and in a moment of drunken joy Charlie was reunited with Rhaef - alive and well.  The two finally revealed the feelings that they had been harboring for each other for the past three years ... now if only they had understood that each of them had been telling the truth.

In the end the crew and Destiny were restored and they are now on their way to Regina to meet an old friend ...

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 04: The Price You Pay
Air Date: April 4th, 2006

Guest Stars:
Professor Walton Squire
Sophia Marquez
David William

Planets Visted:

A welcome relief from the chaos on Osiris the crew of Destiny set down on Regina to visit an old friend, Professor Walton Squires.  A professor of Kale's during his brief time in college on Santo the Professor left his job in disgrace - convicted of rallying the students up against the Alliance.  His home and belongings were repossessed and he relocated to Regina.

When the crew arrives he asks them for a favor. He had recently discovered the location of an old Earth-that-Was stamp which he used to own, but was stolen from him during that hectic time on Santo.  The stamp was in the Gallery D'Arte on Athens - and he wanted the crew to get it back.  The money from selling the stamp once back in his possession would supply his town with enough medicine for all its people for over a year to protect them against the Bowden's malady.

Kale, trusting and willing as always, agrees to this, but not without some words of caution from Rhaef.  Words that eventually lead to an all out argument between  the two men where words were said that could never really be taken back.  In the end, Rhaef leaves the ship in an attempt to protect the ones he cares about and relieve the burden he felt he had become.

A heartbroken Charlie, a guilt-ridden Kale, and a somber crew leave Regina to embark on the Professor's new job.  Once on Athens they meet up with another friend of the Professor's - Connor O'Sullivan.  The technical genius helps them devise a plan to get into the museum and steal the stamp.

Once all plans are in place Kale, Geoff, Wei-Li, and Connor head to the museum for a little thievery.  But things don't go quite as planned.  They aren't the only ones trying to steal the stamp.  Kale comes face to face with the beautiful, capable, and mysterious Sophia Marquez.  After a brief fight over the stamp the two of them realize that this is no time for fists, they have to get out of there before the law comes down on them.  Working together the crew manage to make it back to the ship.  Only one thing is missing: Sophia - and with her the stamp.  Stolen right out from under Kale's nose.

When Sophia goes to bring the stamp to them that had hired her however she discovers that she has been double crossed so returns to the crew offering the stamp in return for half of their profits.  Kale slyly agrees, not telling her one tiny detail ... they aren't making any profits on this job.

In the end the stamp gets safely to the Professor and a disgruntled Sophia disappears once again on Regina and the crew heads back out into the black - one crew member short.

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 05: Dead End
Air Date: September 15, 2006

Guest Stars:
Diego Montoya (deceased)
Ilan Close

Planets Visted:
Torrance Station

The crew of Destiny arrive on Torrance Station, a space station located right on the rim.  Dangerous territory as it is extremely close to Reaver space.  There, Kale, Geoff, and Wei-Li, meet up with a long time business partner Diego Montoya.  But before any real business can be gotten to claxons begin blaring and people begin shouting.  The station is under attack ... from Reavers!

Geoff, and Wei-Li managed to escape into the access hallways with Diego and a few others but Kale wasn't able to make it.  He and the rest of the crew book it back to the ship and get ready to take off.  Only one problem, Ren had thought something had gone wrong during docking and he was disappointed to find out that he was right.  The docking mechanism got jammed and now Destiny and all the ships on that block were stuck on the station.  Someone was gonna have to do some fancy rewiring to get them loose.  So while Kale and Charlie work up a plan to get back outside the ship and to the stations paneling the rest of the crew starts planning their defense.  They have to keep the Reavers off Destiny long enough for them to make their escape.

Meanwhile in the access hallways, Geoff and Wei-li share some intense life or death moments as they struggle to make it back to Destiny.  Soon it becomes clear however that there is only one way that anyone is going to get off this station alive.  They're going to have to blow the station.  Diego selflessly volunteers saying that his whole life was on this station, and now that the Reavers have it, it seems only fitting that he go down with the ship.  He urges Geoff and Wei-Li to get back to Destiny and tells them that they have ten minutes to get away.

When Geoff and Wei-Li arrive they are just in time to help Kale and Charlie make it back to the ship after rewiring the docking station to let Destiny go.  But things are going badly for the rest of the crew.  The Reavers are relentless and just as it appears that they may lose Acacia, Ren steps in to save the day.  He sacrifices himself so that Acacia and the rest of the crew can escape.  So with bumps, bruises and many tears the crew barely manages to make it out before the station goes up in a ball of flames.

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 06: The Black Hand
Air Date: December 5, 2006

Guest Stars:
Curio (deceased)
Larry Ducket
Professor Walton Squire
Acacia Keese
Brock Jenson

Planets Visited:

Finally the story of what happened to Rhaef after he left Destiny on Regina is revealed. The episode begins with Rhaef held captive, alone, tortured each day by an unseen hand, slowly going insane.  He recalls how he ended up there.  His visit to the Professor, his drunken night that led to him lying beaten and broken out in the street where he was picked up and taken prisoner.  Eventually he was broken out by none other then Curio, the man who took him in as a boy, taught him everything he knows ... a man he believed long since dead.

Curio brought him back to his lair where he has been slowly gathering his strength and numbers.  Preparing to rise once more to power.  He reveals to Rhaef that he has been watching him for some time and was worried when he disappeared that night on Regina.  He tells him that he has spent weeks now trying to track him down once again and he offers Rhaef a place at his right hand once more.  Little does Rhaef know that everything that has happened to him since leaving the ship on Athens has been Curio's doing.  An elaborate plot to bring Rhaef back into the fold.  I alienate him from those he cares for.

Rhaef refuses to join Curio again however due to what Curio believes is ties to his former crew, Destiny.  Curio cons Kale and his crew into landing on Beaumonde to rescue Rhaef.  He then takes them hostage and requires Kale to lie to Rhaef.  To make sure that he believes that he could never go back to Destiny - not ever.  In exchange Curio will allow Kale and his crew to walk free and clear as long as they never come back for Rhaef again.  Kale agrees to the deal and lies to Rhaef, of course, Kale has always been a terrible liar and Rhaef senses that something is amiss.

Curio tries to comfort Rhaef after Kale's harsh words but their meeting is interrupted by Larry who has kidnapped Wei-Li, believing it a sure fire way to force Rhaef to stay on thsir side.  Believing that it will put him further in Curio's good graces.  He couldn't have been more wrong, however.  Curio is furious that Larry has ruined his well-laid plans so badly and could be fool enough to believe that Wei-Li is the one that Rhaef loves.  He has accurately come to the realization that Charlie is the one who is truly the key.  He sends Wei-Li back to her ship.  As the tension in the room escalates he is forced to hold Charlie at gunpoint.  He gives Rhaef a choice, kill Larry (who is responsible for torturing him for the past few weeks) and accept the monster inside and come back to him, or he will kill Charlie.

As the show down occurs in Curio's office Kale and the crew arrive back at Destiny to discover that Wei-Li and Charlie are gone.  When Wei-Li is returned they realize that Curio has gone back on his deal and Kale isn't standing for it.  A gunfight ensues as the crew prepares to rescue their missing members.  They sneak back inside the compound and come to Rhaef and Charlie's rescue.

Kale takes Curio hostage and they are able to make their way out of the maze of hallways and back to their ship. Curio just has to try one last time, however, and when Rhaef still refuses he threatens to hunt him and his crew down until there is nothing left.  Kale cannot let that happen and so he shoots Curio and the ship lifts off, leaving what is left of Curio's new order behind.

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Re: Episode Index

Episode 07: Curtain Call
Air Date: May 3, 2009

Guest Stars:
Callie Buckley
Allie Buckley
Conroy Castel

Planets Visited:


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