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Character Generation

You are a member of an established party. You all know each other and have a reason to go on adventures together, be it profit or otherwise. No lone wolves please.

If you like you can work out a backstory of your previous adventure(s) but it is not a necessity and we can leave it undefined. Your call.

Chargen rules
We will use the standard chargen rules (if you don't have them will take you through chargen in PMs), with these exceptions:

- After the initial character rolls you may chose to roll again, but you must keep the second set of rolls.

- You may exchange any two ability scores.

- Chose your profession and run it by me as I will be regulating party composition for setting reasons (e.g. not too much magic). No non-human races allowed.

- Add 100sp to your starting gold. You begin with 20XP.

I am adding a houserule to chargen to allow for little more customisation. You will be able to pick two items from the following list. These will provide modifiers on certain checks where appropriate, or other benefits.

- Skills (e.g. climbing, needlework, carpentry)
- Traits/Talents (e.g. light sleeper, good memory for faces, strong stomach)
- Knowledge (e.g. saints of Ellesland, geometry, fauna of the Pagan Mountains)
- Contacts or Favours (e.g. knows the thane of Stonehaven, Thad the Black owes you his life)

You may also use both you picks on the same item to increase your skill or knowledge level to expert (for example picking climbing twice makes you an expert climber).

Remember, you character class also gives you an implicit set of skills and knowledge (wizards know about magical theory, knights about falconry etc.). You may add one or two picks to an implicit skill to become and expert or master respectively. In other words, if you are a knight and pick falconry twice you are one of the best in the realm.

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Re: Character Generation
The party language will be Visic, please make sure your character can speak it.