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The Story so Far
Trouble at Cobb's Rest
The party was hired by a merchant named Druther to see what had become of his shipment of silver ore from a remote mountain village. Turns out the spirit of a long-dead necromancer had the village under psychic control. They were all in the silver mine, tunneling towards the necromancer's staff that was buried deep.

The adventures sadly did not prevent the necromancer's resurrection, but most of them survived, as did most of the villagers. The necromancer was last seen heading into the wilds of the Pagan Mountains, with his undead entourage in tow...

On the journey to Cobb's rest you were attacked by a pack of ghouls. One of them had a valuable-looking ring...

The False Prophet
Around 6 months later you are contacted by Druther again acting for a third party. Turns out the ring you found belonged to a well-respected merchant in Ferromaine who, with his family, had come under the influence of some sort of cult led by an individual known as the True Father. He has set up a "retreat" somewhere in the Pagan mountains, and the party agreed to put an end to him for 1000 florins.

With a hired hand called Finbar you traveled to Waldhamme, the last village before a 5 day trek to the True Father's base. You found pilgrims waiting to be guided by monks from the True Fathers temple.

Leaving head of the pilgrims, you met with the three monks coming to collect them. That same even, your camp was attacked by a pack of ghouls, evidently commanded by one of the same monks. After blooding you, the ghouls retreated and you were warned to turn back.But you pressed on.

The next night you were attacked in earnest, with the monk joining the ghouls. After a long battle, where Finbar was killed you took them down. You were helped in the battle by Finan, a hunter with his own reason to hate the True Father. Luckily he knew the route to the high pass leading to True Father's lair.

Up in the high mountains is a verdant valley , a micro-climate warmed  by hundreds of hot springs. Here the Selentine built a small town of villas, spas and temples, with the pass guarded by a fort. The party took care of the two monks on guard and entered the True Father's valley, heading towards the bowl of the valley where most of the buildings are concentrated. After encountering some acolytes toiling in the fields you retreated to a ruined Selentine villa close to a stream and well-hidden in a copse of trees to spend the night.

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